Men In Sheds Project Launch

Aims to get men out of the house, socialising and doing something creative

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Men in Sheds is a project for people aged 55 or over. It’s mainly aimed at men, but women are also welcome. The first meeting will be on July 21 at 1.30pm in Dimson Lodge, 141 Battersea Church Road.

The idea is to work on projects that members choose together such as woodworking or furniture restoration. No skills are necessary because members will all learn together and help each other.

To kick the project off, members will be erecting a shed and are asking for volunteers to come forward and help put it together. The first proper project will be to build a full-sized boat.

Men in Sheds is run by supported housing services - part of the council’s housing community services department. The council’s health spokesman, Cllr Jim Maddan, said:
“The idea for Men in Sheds comes from Australia, where it proved a successful way of getting isolated men out of their homes and interacting with other people on a shared project. We know that isolation can be a major cause of ill-health, both mental and physical, so we hope potential new members get in touch and become part of the project from the very beginning.”

The project is based in Dimson Lodge, Battersea, where an unused room has been converted into a workshop. As well as the big shared projects, there will be space for members to carry out their own personal or community projects.

Just go along or ring Geoffrey Cox on (020) 7223 5335 or email Elaine Curley, community development lead, on

July 7, 2015