Local MP Justine Greening Supports Decision To Postpone Third Runway Choice

Agreeing that further work is required on the environmental aspects of airport expansion

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Residents under the Heathrow flight path still don’t know for sure if the Third Runway is to go ahead after the Government announced today (10 December) that a decision on the Third Runway is to be delayed.

MP for Putney Justine Greening has defended the delay agreeing that further work is required on the environmental aspects of airport expansion in the south east. Her office stats that Justine has consistently represented her constituents, and our local concerns, on aircraft noise and pollution.

Justine said:
“This is a sensible decision which hopefully means that important environmental issues around noise, pollution and carbon will get the proper scrutiny they need. As that work gets underway, I will continue to work with my local community to ensure that the impact aircraft noise has on us is clearly understood and that we can feed our views in.”

Previously, the Government had said that they would definitely give a response by the end of this year to the Airports Commission which had recommended that the third runway should be built but now it looks that the uncertainty will continue. The opposition are claiming that the postponement of the decision is due to a political calculation with the Conservatives anxious not to force the resignation of Zac Goldsmith, the Richmond MP who is standing for London Mayor.

At this stage, the Government say that, while they are willing to endorse the commission’s conclusions up to a point, they want more work to be done on the environmental impact of expansion both at Heathrow and Gatwick.

The Confederation of British Industry have estimated that a six month delay would mean the new runway would not be in service until 2030 and would cost the economy over £5bn.

Labour’s London Mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan, was quoted on the BBC as saying London would not forgive Cameron "if he postpones the decision simply to spare Mr Goldsmith's 'embarrassment' during the election campaign".

December 11, 2015

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