Mayoral Candidates Vow To BlockAirport Expansion

Can Heathrow defeat London’s next mayor?

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With every major political party having now confirmed an anti-Heathrow expansion candidate for next year’s mayoral election the prospect of delivering a third runway is now more remote than ever, councillors say.

Zac Goldsmith (Conservative), Sadiq Khan (Labour), Caroline Pidgeon (Lib Dem), Sian Berry (Green) and Peter Whittle (UKIP) have all pledged to use City Hall’s vast influence and resources to block the scheme.

Wandsworth Council leader Ravi Govindia said: “Every possible winner of next year’s mayoral race believe as we do that the costs of Heathrow expansion far outweigh the benefits. They agree that the plan is far too damaging to London and the web of legal, environmental, social and political factors blocking it path are too great to overcome.

“None of these politicians have been taken in by the widely exaggerated economic case used to promote a third runway but they do all appreciate the very real harm it would do to our communities. Local authorities like Wandsworth will stand shoulder to shoulder with our next mayor in opposing Heathrow.”

October 2, 2015