TfL Boss Uses 4 Letter Word To Describe London Commuter Trains

Peter Hendy says there's a 'philosophical difference' between TfL and train services

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Peter Hendy

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In a recent interview with Management Today TfL boss, Sir Peter Hendy said that he believed that TfL treat London's commuters people not simply a source of revenue unlike train operating companies like South West Trains.

He believes that it is TfL's role to make life as easy as possible for commuters, that problems occur such as delays and it is how you treat your customer that defines how your customer views you the supplier.

He drew attention to the difference in how TfL and the train services treat customers who make a ticketing mistake: 'People hate the suburban rail service, they hate it. If you make a mistake on your Oyster Card on the Tube, we'll refund it. On South West Trains, they'll fine you. That's a big philosophical difference.'

Mr Hendry believes that the difference in approach is mainly due to the role of the Mayor of London,"it's having a mayor whose fate is determined largely by how well or otherwise the electorate think the city is working."

When asked in the interview about the potential next mayor of London - which includes Putney's latest MP Justine Greening - he was diplomatic and only said: 'We're lucky to have some great candidates.'

May 1, 2015

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