Putney Property Company Pays Out £50,000

After judge rules belief in climate change legally parallel to religious beliefs


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Putney property company Grainger has paid a former employee an out of court settlement of £50,000 to prevent a tribunal hearing going ahead.

Tim Nicholson was Head of Sustainability for Grainger until being made redundant in 2008. The 42 year old claimed he lost his job as a result of his strong opinions about on the environment which differed from those of his employers accusing them of failing to live up to their own green policies to cut carbon dioxide.

Giving him permission to go ahead and sue his former employers, a judge said that Nicholson’s belief in climate change was legally parallel to a religious belief and therefore should be protected from discrimination.

Nicholson’s initial claim was £587,925 for loss of earnings, £141,080 for loss of pension rights and £20,000 for injury to feelings.

Grainger, the UK’s largest residential landlord, offered an out-of-court settlement of £42,200 as well as a contribution of £12,800 to his legal costs.

A spokeswoman for the company told The Telegraph, "Grainger plc has always denied liability and by reaching settlement has avoided the costs and management distraction involved in a 10-day hearing, which would have far exceeded the sum paid to Mr Nicholson."

April 23, 2010