Putney Boss Urges "Mix Business With Pleasure"

As Crewroom & Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce unveil joint venture

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Putney Boss Urges

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Putney's Crewroom and Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce unveil hybrid ‘2-in-1’ campaign 'Get Fit For Business' that will welcome staff and general public to 'double event' – trying out a new sport, then joining business networking circle.

The pioneering new social event is to be launched later this month, it allows you to try out a new sport and also take part in some business networking. The ‘Get Fit For Business’ project aims to develop business relationships and also promote health and wellbeing in the workplace at the same time.

Set to be launched on the River Thames at Putney on June 24, the scheme has already won widespread praise from backers, who include one local MP. Jane Ellison, MP for Battersea, Balham and Wandsworth, is fully behind the novel initiative. She said:
“As the President of Wandsworth’s Chamber of Commerce, I’m supporting ‘Get Fit For Business’. Being physically active is not only good for your health – and fun – it’s also good for business as active people are more productive. I encourage all employers to do what they can to support the health and wellbeing of their workforce.”

The mould-breaking project was jointly dreamt up by Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce, which represents 250 businesses in the borough, and the top UK technical sports kit manufacturer Crewroom, who clothe both the Oxford and Cambridge rowing crews in The Boat Race.

Kate Giles, Founder of Crewroom and a former elite GB athlete, said:
“Sporty and fit people make better business people. And the ‘Get Fit For Business’ campaign ticks all the right boxes. We’ve opened the first central London paddleboard club, encouraging sport in a business environment, and we’re bringing like-minded business people together. ‘Get Fit For Business’ makes a lot of sense and it’s going to be a lot of fun, too.”

On launch day, Wednesday June 24 at 6pm-9pm, participants will be able to try their hand at the new sporting craze Stand-Up Paddleboarding on the Thames (pictured left). Following the launch, the new ‘Get Fit For Business’ networking events will be held on the last Tuesday of every month, when a range of other sporting activities will be on offer. The format of every meeting will be the same: after the first-half session of exercise and getting fit, there will be a business networking event with drinks, giving local employees and entrepreneurs the chance to mingle and develop business relationships.

Steve Pinto, Chairman of Wandsworth Chamber of Commerce, said: “I’m backing ‘Get Fit For Business’. It’s an excellent initiative because it creates an opportunity and an environment where like-minded people can come together, be passionate about a sporting activity, take a first step towards getting physically fit, and become more productive in their working life.”

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