Wandsworth SNTs Will Be In Forefront Of Offensive To Tackle Drug Dealers

Operation Hawk is a London wide offensive

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As the Metropolitan Police Service prepares a new offensive against street level drug dealers, the public is being encouraged to come forward with information about who may be dealing drugs in their area.

In the next few weeks officers across London will begin carrying out daily operations targeting local drug dealers as part of the Met’s total war on criminals and crime. In a renewed initiative, known as Operation Hawk, Safer Neighbourhoods teams, working with specialist colleagues, will be at the forefront of tackling local dealers using local community intelligence.

While officers plan a series of operations, the MPS is asking for information that could help rid communities of drug dealers and the crimes and criminals that follow them.

• Do you know who may be dealing drugs?
• Do you know where drugs are being sold?
• Do you know where drugs are being grown or stored?

Anyone with information is urged to call Crimestoppers (an independent charity) anonymously on 0800 555 111.

To find out how to get in touch with your local Safer Neighbourhoods team visit September 12, 2012.uk/saferneighbourhoods.

While activity to tackle drug dealing has always been a high priority, with major operations carried out with partners against high-level dealers, Operation Hawk is being refocused to increase operational activity on drug dealing at the street level.

The MPS is also responding to concerns from local communities, many of whom cite tackling 'drugs' as a priority for local Safer Neighbourhoods teams.

MPS Commander Mak Chishty, operational lead for Operation Hawk said: “Operation Hawk is a renewed emphasis on local policing teams tackling street level drug dealing and associated crime using local community intelligence. We urge the public to come forward with information about who is dealing drugs or committing crime in their area. Drug dealing damages communities. It generates crime, disorder and anti-social behaviour. Estimates show that between a third and a half of all acquisitive crime is committed offenders to fund their misuse of illegal substances. Communities are also concerned about how street dealing affects their areas. The MPS is determined to tackle this issue head on by bringing together our resources to reclaim and help repair areas affected by drug dealing.

He continued: “Community intelligence passed to us will be dealt with as quickly as possible and carefully assessed before, and if, any action is taken. We will then tell communities what action we have taken to address these issues. With your help we can make your local community safer. You make the call, we’ll make it stop.”

September 11, 2012