Protect Yourself From Burglars

Wandsworth Police have a few simple steps to protect yourself and your home

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o Unless you are in the same room do not leave windows and doors open or unlocked, particularly if you are on the ground or first floor.

o Do not leave valuables including Car keys on display or within easy reach behind windows and doors even if they are closed and locked.

o Lock away ladders, garden tools and other items that burglars could use to force an entry.

o Senior citizens especially should ensure that any strangers knocking at the door saying they are workmen show correct identification. Residents can also check with the local council whether any maintenance work is being carried out in their area.

o A simple test of home security is - if you can get into your home without keys - so can a burglar.

More detailed advice on crime prevention can be obtained by contacting your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team.

Chief Inspector Tim Harding said
'Burglars are opportunistic and will attack properties with vulnerabilities. These simple measures can make a real difference'.

November 14, 2011