Operation Winter Nights

Wandsworth Police gear up to ensure a fun filled safe festive period

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Operation Winter Nights will run during the build up to Christmas with extra officers patrolling and interacting with the public throughout the Borough both in uniform and plain clothes.

The main focus will be to ensure a happy and fun filled festive season aiming at enjoyment and celebrations during the busy peak night time economy.

They will be working from early evening till the early hours at weekends concentrating on public safety and reassurance.
It's important for residents to take responsibility for their property and possessions whether at home, out shopping or socialising.

Many of the thefts and burglaries we investigate could be prevented. Following a few simple tips, such as storing presents out of sight, securing their homes and keeping valuables close to hand when out celebrating, can make a real difference. We also urge people to behave responsibly when out celebrating. Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated.

Chief Inspector Peter Turner said
‘We are committed to ensuring the public of Wandsworth enjoy the build up to the Christmas festivities in peace and safety.’

December 14, 2010