Staying Safe At Christmas

Wandsworth Police give seasonal advice to residents

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With Christmas fast approaching we would like you to work with your safer neighbourhoods team to help prevent you from being a victim of crime over the festive season.

Think about what is in your bag before leaving home.

We advise that you only take out what you really need when shopping.

Chief Inspector Tim Harding, said:
‘Please take these simple precautions, to help stop you becoming a victim over this festive time’

Replacing items such as passports and driving licences can be costly and inconvenient.

• Keep purses, wallets and cash secure at the bottom of bags or deep in pockets
• Do not let handbags out of your sight in shops or cafes
• Be aware of others when using a cash point
• Do not leave valuables on display in cars and make sure your car is locked
• Never leave a spare key concealed anywhere near the front door as burglars know all the hiding places
• If going away at Christmas install timers which switch lights or radios on and off automatically
• Have a neighbour or friend pop round to clear your letter-box or doorstep or move rubbish bins back into their usual place
• Where possible, try to keep valuables out of sight from windows including Christmas presents and try to avoid putting them under a tree in plain view

December 6, 2010