Rogue Traders Operating in Wandsworth

Residents warned not to have work done by any traders calling uninvited to their home

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In the last few weeks, a number of homes in Wandsworth have been visited by a company offering to survey the exterior of your house for free.  The caller - often a female, also states that she is working with the Council or Social Services and leaves a card entitling the customer to the free survey. 

A couple of days later the homeowner receives a telephone call and an appointment is made for the surveyor to call.   On examining the house walls, the surveyor indicates that they are in a bad condition - structural damage, wet rot and dry rot have all been mentioned and advises that the walls should be coated in a protective covering at an extortionate cost.   The homeowner then feels pressured in to signing the contract when told their home is in a bad state of repair.  

Residents should be aware of any uninvited traders calling at their homes, offering “free” surveys and are advised that they should not agree to work being carried out on their homes by traders who cold call.

Trading Standards would always advise any person considering having work done on their homes, to obtain three quotations from three different traders and check that they cover the work to be done.  Also, it is advisable to use recommendations from family or friends or to check for a reputable trader through Or telephone 01344 630804.  

Any trader calling at your home must give you the right to cancel a contract signed at your home and tell you how to do this.  Once signed, you have a 7 day “cooling off” period in which to change your mind and cancel the contract.   If any homeowner has been visited by any trader offering a free survey, they are advised to contact Wandsworth Trading Standards on 0208 871 7720 or Wandsworth Community Safety on 0208 871 6603 or speak to a solicitor.

August 10, 2010