NeighbourNet Member 'Solves' The Riddle Of The Hammersmith Nude Murders

Eight previously unsolved cases of murdered prostitutes found in SW London

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SW London was gripped by a serial killer's prostitute killing spree in the '60s - the killer was never caught but NeighbourNet member and author Neil Milkins is convinced his book on the infamous Hammersmith Nudes Murders will prove his suspect guilty.

Between 1959 and 1965 a total of eight woman were found murdered in the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and neighbouring boroughs of Chiswick and Brentford.

The victims were all found naked except for their stockings which led to the label the 'Hammersmith Nudes Murders' and the serial killer was know as 'Jack the Stripper'.

Neil Milkins (pictured left), believes his book 'Who is Jack the Stripper?'  will prove that the real murderer was Welsh child killer Harold Jones, who was living in Fulham & Putney at the time of the murders.  Jones had been jailed for 20 years in the 1920s after murdering an eight and 11-year-old when he was just 15. Neil believes that it was following his release that Harold Jones began his reign of terror on the sex-workers of London.

Neil's book will be published to coincide with the televising of a one hour docudrama on the Crime and Investigation Channel 553 in April 2011.  The programme will be presented by Fred Dineage and top British criminologist Professor David Wilson.

Neil told the editor of :
"The documentary will specifically focus on former Abertillery child killer Harold Jones who was released from Wandsworth prison in December 1941 after having served 20 years for the serious sexual assaults and murders of 2 Abertillery girls aged 8 and 11.  Between 1947 and 1971 Jones, using the names Harold Jones - Harry Stevens - Harry Jones lived incognito in Fulham, Putney and Hammersmith initially losing himself in the turmoil of the second world war and then just going off the police radar. I have found many links to him and the murdered women which has convinced me and numerous other experts that Jones was the villain that the world's press have labelled 'Jack the Stripper.'"

Neil's research continues and he continued:
" I am very keen to find people who can remember Jones who lived in Hestercombe Avenue Fulham from 1947-1962, in Colinette Road, Putney from 1963-1965 and in Aldensley Road, Hammersmith from 1966-1971 when he died. His widow died in 1984. Anyone with information or photos can email me "

Victims of 'Jack The Stripper'

Elizabeth Figg, 21, found near River Thames in Chiswick on June 17, 1959.

Gwynneth Rees, 22, dumped in rubbish tip November 8, 1963.

Hannah Tailford, 30, found on February 2, 1964 near Hammersmith Bridge. Strangled with underwear forced down her throat.

Irene Lockwood, 26, found on April 8, 1964 on the shore of the Thames.

Helen Barthelemy, 22, found on April 24, 1964, in an alleyway in Brentford.

Mary Fleming, 30, July 14, 1964, discovered in Chiswick.

Frances Brown, 21, found in Kensington in November 25, 1964.

Bridget O'Hara, 28, found in Heron Trading Estate in Ealing in January 1965.



December 6, 2010