Soccer Star in Putney High Street Rage Incident

Cesc Fabregas alleged to have punched a bus windscreen

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Chelsea’s Spanish midfielder, Cesc Fabregas is alleged to have been involved in a confrontation with a bus driver on Putney High Street last week.

The Sun on Sunday newspaper reports claims by the driver Martin Hughes that last Wednesday lunch time the footballer forced him to drive his 93 bus up onto the kerb and then got out of his car and punched the windscreen of the bus.

Mr Hughes says that he was cut up by Mr Fabregas in his Aston Martin Vanquish who then hurled obscenities at him while blocking his way. The bus driver then told the newspaper that he got out of his bus, said that the incident was on camera and expressed his opinion about the Chelsea player’s abilities.

According to The Sun on Sunday there was no damage to the vehicle but London Transport officials were investigating the incident.

Chelsea Football Club have not commented on the matter including speculation that Mr. Fabregas had got confused when Jose Mourinho told him to ‘park the bus’ in advance of the weekend’s game with Manchester City.

Cesc Fabregas abuses bus driver as seen from bus then returns to his Aston Marton © Dave King

February 7, 2015