Warning This Bracelet May Harm Your Health

The Bean In The Jequirity Bean Bracelet Is Toxic

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An alert has been received by both the Schools Health and Safety and Children and Young Persons Asset Teams regarding bracelets that my have been recently purchased.

An alert has been received regarding the sale of bracelets, as pictured above. These have been on sale at various retail outlets across the UK, including the Eden Project in Cornwall.

Information has been issued from those retailers urging customers to return the red and black bracelets made from the Jequirity bean. The Jequirity bean bracelet is made from the deadly seed of the plant abrus precatorious.  It contains the toxin abrin that if  swallowed, has the potential to kill in doses of just 3 micrograms. Abrin is chemically similar to ricin, a chemical warfare agent. People who have bought, or are in possession of the bracelets, are being urged to bag them, then wash their hands and avoid touching their eyes.

If you are in possession of one these bracelets, double bag the bracelets, seal the bag and hand it in to your local police station where they will arrange disposal.

The information above has been issued by the East Midlands Ambulance Service, in conjunction with the Employment Medical Advisory Service of the Health and Safety Executive. (January 2012)

Please note that this notification is authentic and has been confirmed to the Health and Safety Team by the originators.

March 14th 2012