Putney Firm Selects Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK As Its 'Charity Of The Year'

Beyond Analysis employees will be undertaking various fundraising events

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International consumer insight and strategy business, Beyond Analysis, has selected Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK as its ‘Charity of the Year’ for 2012. As part of the partnership, Beyond Analysis will undertake a number of fundraising activities on behalf of the charity. For example, staff will be forming a team to participate in the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October this year, raising valuable funds for this worthy cause.

Rett Syndrome is an incurable childhood neurological disorder. The condition affects healthy young females between the ages of 6-36 months and stops their speech, normal movement and the ability to use their hands. In some cases, patients are left in a wheelchair. Common symptoms include extreme anxiety, Parkinson-like tremors, seizures and orthopaedic problems. Although many girls live into adulthood, all are at increased risk of sudden, unexplained death.

Paul Alexander, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Beyond Analysis, said of the partnership:
“We’re extremely proud to be working with Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK. We chose this particular charity because of its ability to touch so many affected lives. Much like our own rapid growth, within less than eighteen months the charity has grown from a grassroots effort run from one parent’s kitchen table to a national charity with hundreds of fundraisers and supporters and a projected income of £500,000 in the next financial year. With such passion and enthusiasm for helping suffers of the disease, we want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to help them be even more successful.”

Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK was formed by a small group of parents of daughters with the condition. The charity has a sole purpose to speed the time it takes to translate laboratory-based research and development into treatments and cures for their own children and for all girls and women living with Rett Syndrome today.

Rachael Bloom, Executive Director and parent of a sixteen year old daughter with the disease, said: “At Rett Syndrome Research Trust UK, we are always deeply appreciative of fundraising support, but we are particularly excited about working with Beyond Analysis. Rett Syndrome is not a common disease, neither is it well known. In order to raise the vital research funds necessary to drive our spectacular research into treatments and cures, it is critical that we maximise the produc January 16, 2012ur own processes as an organisation but by harnessing all of the passion and potential of the supporters that we do have as well as those that we might nurture.

“With their dynamic expertise in customer insight and strategy, we hope that Beyond Analysis might be able to help us reach out to potential new fundraisers and supports, thereby boosting our efforts to speed-up treatments for this devastating condition.”

Since its inception in July 2010, the charity has already delivered in excess of £426,000 to a strategic research portfolio, including an extensive screen of FDA approved drugs, two gene therapy projects and an experiment looking at bone marrow transplants as a potential therapeutic; an extraordinarily successful first year, which culminated with the charity being named ‘Best New Charity’ in the Charity Times Awards 2011.

January 16, 2012