St Paul's Junior

This is the prep school attached to St. Paul's for boys with nearly all of the intake going on to the senior school.  The relative success of the pre-prep feeder schools is often judged by the number of candidates they have that pass this school's entrance exam which is seen by many as having the highest academic standards in West London.

There are 440 boys at the school between the ages of 7 and 13.  They can use the facilities of the senior school.  The school provides a bed and breakfast facility if parents are away.

The current (2016/17) St Paul’s Juniors Basic Fee per term (including lunch) is £6,257

How do you get in?

Normal entry is at 7+ or 8+. Boys must be registered at the latest by October 31st of the year prior to their September entry.   They contact you during the year before registration to confirm that you still want the place and then ask your school head for a written report. Tests take place annually in January or February. If you are offered a place, it is on the understanding that St. Paul's School is your first choice school at age 13.

 Contact details


St Paul's Juniors
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Maxine Shaw