Putney’s First Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga Studio Opens Its Doors

A state of the art infrared hot studio located in the centre of Putney

The House Of Yoga
228 Upper Richmond Rd,
Putney, SW15 6TG
07793 541602

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The House of Yoga have created an environment where you can step out of the hectic pace of city life and step into a space for body and mind. Whether you are new to yoga or a regular student, they are committed to you having an amazing experience.

What is Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga?

It is a modern day exercise rapidly becoming the yoga of choice in the western world allowing you to strip away the stresses and strains of modern day living.

Vinyasa means flow, and the core of our classes creates exactly this, a flow of breath and movement in the body which we call Power Vinyasa.

This uplifting style of yoga will allow you to experience a moving meditation which will tone and strengthen, increase flexibility whilst leaving you feeling calm, cleansed and energised. And even better, we have our classes at The House of Yoga will have a great emphasis on the principle of adaptions so that you can find your own way into the practice with expert tuition, and we truly believe you begin as you are and grow from your starting foundations.

Owner Jason Pooley told PutneySW15.com: "We wanted to give our new community a comfortable and personal space to practice yoga and this is exactly what we have created, yet it’s big enough to experience a great group vibe. Clients will feel welcome from the moment they step into the studio and we know they will love our style of yoga and new space as much as we do. Our style of yoga is accessible to everyone and our philosophy is simply roll out your mat, focus on your breath and enjoy your class."

Jason continued:"The studio is fully fitted with a state of the art infrared heating system and an air filtered ventilation system which constantly filters fresh air. We practice in 28-32C heat depending on the level of class and there are many health benefits to our Infrared heating system."

Their mission is to provide you with a powerful, fun and inspiring experience from the moment that you walk into the studio. Their intention is for you to feel part of an amazing yoga community whilst practicing a style that will challenge you to your full potential, whilst giving you certain tools to take with you into your daily life. Are you up for the challenge?

Some Benefits to practicing in the infrared environment:
* Helps to improve your health from the inside out
* Warming effect on your body that stimulates your immune, cardiovascular and lymphatic system
* Effective healing towards old and existing injuries
* Helps to flush toxins from the body, a cleanse from the inside out
* Loosens muscles and stiff joints
* Invigorates your mind and body and develops strength, focus, flexibility and balance
* Boost levels of serotonin, the happy hormone

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October 12, 2012