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New cycle strategy expected to get green light

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Councillors are expected to give the borough’s new cycling strategy the go-ahead at a meeting next week.The strategy aims to make Wandsworth a part of London where people increasingly choose to cycle and where cycling is championed as a great way to travel.

It builds on previous and existing programmes which have already led to cycling becoming more popular and widespread locally. Census figures showed that the proportion of Wandsworth people cycling to work doubled in a decade.

Actions set out in the strategy include:

• A review of the borough cycle route network – to develop a programme of cycle route improvements so that they cater for many different types of cyclists
• Opening up routes where cycling is not currently permitted but could safely be allowed.
• Consulting on the introduction of cycling contraflows on some one-way streets.
• Introducing 20mph limits on some borough roads.
• Cycle parking - improve the amount, type and location and include in public spaces as well as residential areas.
• Cycle training - provide free to people who live, work or study in the borough, including children and adults, covering a range of abilities.
• Improve road user behaviour - working with the police and other agencies to encourage safe and responsible use of routes by all road users.
• Reducing conflict between cyclists and HGVs – by supporting activities that reduce conflict between lorries and cyclists, including provision of Safer Urban Driver training and promotion of “exchanging places” events.

There were more than 200 responses to the draft strategy from residents, community groups and cycling groups, with strong agreement that the strategy was needed.

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said:
“I’d like to thank everyone who gave their feedback on this strategy, which will hope will encourage people to cycle and so help us achieve our aims of improving people’s health, improving air quality and reducing congestion.

“The strategy will mean better training, better facilities, safer routes and more bike storage and parking provision. This builds upon the successes we have already achieved, including a cycle-friendly roundabout at Queen’s Circus, and the introduction of the Santander Cycle Hire Scheme in the north of the borough.

“Going forward the new cycle strategy will be supported by major investment in our streets, including a vast new cycle network in Nine Elms, the removal of the Wandworth one-way system and through opening up more of the Thames riverside. We will also continue to work with TfL on plans for major cycling improvements at Tooting Broadway and are developing plans for a new cycle-friendly bridge across the river at Nine Elms.”

Local campaigner, Jon Irwin told this site:
"On the one hand positive moves afoot with the strategy document. On the other, very mediocre proposals on actual change with the Quietway proposals which is another paper on the same agenda. At some point the Council needs to do more than producing strategy documents and implement meaningful change on the ground."

Read the cycle strategy - For details of how the town hall is working to improving other forms of local transport visit

November 19, 2015