Basic Menu - Steak Steak & More Steak

but what a steak and what a wine list!

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The Popeseye is not a place to take someone who is vegetarian or dislikes red meat as the menu is somewhat limited to steak, steak, or steak!

There are no starters but a bowl of olives to keep you busy whilst deciding which cut and which size you want with your chips - and should you get the simple salad to get one of your five a day?!

The restaurant is long and thin and does not have the designer image that so many restaurant offer - so you may ask just what does it offer? There are three types of steak on offer - rump, sirloin and fillet - in a range of five sizes from 6oz to 30oz. Prices rise accordingly, from low teens for the small portions (for those whose hearts really aren't in it and who don't deserve to be here), to mid twenties for the 12oz steaks, topping out at around £48 for 30oz - just under 2lbs.

The steaks come with a wide range of mustards and sauces and great traditional crispy chips and for an extra £3.95 you can have a generous salad dripping in a grainy mustard dressing. My husband had an 8oz sirloin (£17.45) and I had the 6oz fillet (£19.75). The wine of our choice that evening was a Chateau du Moulin Rouge (£24) but you could spend all evening reading the extensive wine list ranging form £13.50 for the house wine (red & white) to £75 for a claret '86 Chateau La Lagune.

Dessert if you have space offers a selection of cheeses or a few homemade puddings such as sticky toffee pud and crumbles - delicious but we had no room!

In the summer you can get a table in the garden at the rear which is a rare opportunity in SW15 when the weather allows - but be warned it closes for the whole of August.

June 16, 2009