Changes To Putney Station Proposed

Installing lifts, remodeling of the ticket hall and outside 'streetscape'


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**The council will not accept any questionnaire forms that are not from residents or business owners directly affected by the scheme from 150 to 176 Putney High Street & (202 Upper Richmond Road); however, they welcome any feedback or suggestions, in the form of email, letter or a phone call from residents, businesses or other interested parties outside of the consultation area.

Comments on the Forum

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Concerns have been voiced on the forum regarding the effects of proposed changes to the road layout at Putney Station to be incorporated with internal updates to the Station building.(Click for drawings)

The following is taken from the report from the Director of Technical Services to Wandsworth Strategic Planning & Transportation Overview & Scrutiny Committee in January 2011:

Network Rail intends to improve Putney Station by installing lifts and remodeling the station ticket hall to provide a larger entrance.

At present, the area outside Putney Station is congested and cluttered. The footways are relatively narrow for the volume of pedestrian traffic, compounded by the amount of street furniture, including on private forecourts. Buses have considerable difficulty accessing the bus stops, which impacts on general traffic, as well as bus operators and passengers.

It is proposed to upgrade the environment outside Putney Station and the surrounding streets with improved facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, bus passengers, bus operations and general traffic. The proposals also include an upgrade of the streetscape of the area, bringing it in line with the rest of Putney High Street which has been refurbished in recent years. This scheme encompasses both sides of Putney High Street from Upper Richmond Road to Norroy Road, and also includes adjacent sections of Norroy and Disraeli Roads.

The main proposals include:-
* widening of the footway in front of the station by filling in the bus stop lay-by. This will improve the accessibility of the bus stops, and provide additional space for queuing passengers and pedestrian flows to and from the station. It is proposed to turn the bus shelters around so they face out into the highway to ensure access on and off the bus is not obstructed by the back of the shelters;

* removal of unnecessary street furniture, including guard railing, newspaper bins, phone boxes, the bus controllers cabin and unnecessary posts and signs; and improvement of the streetscape in line with the rest of Putney High Street;

* adjustments to the four bus stops to improve accessibility, including changes to the positions of the bus flags and shelters, extensions to the bus cages to ensure the buses can pull in close to the kerb, and adjustments to the height of the kerb;

* potential conversion of one parking space on Disraeli Road to provide 7 additional cycle parking spaces, and provision of replacement cycle parking where guardrail is being removed;

* widening the advisory southbound cycle lane on the approach to Upper Richmond Road;

* reduction of the length of the taxi stand and slight inset of the loading bay and bus stop on the northbound carriageway to provide additional space for traffic to manoeuvre past buses and loading vehicles, thus easing congestion and smoothing traffic flow;

* slight realignment of the junction of Putney High Street and Norroy Road, with a raised table to improve crossing facilities for pedestrians en route to the station;

* installation of a disabled parking bay on Norroy Road, and removal of disabled parking in the red route loading bay to better meet the requirements of business and disabled people.

The Council seeks to support schemes that have the potential to benefit all road and public transport users. Improving conditions near Earlsfield and Putney Stations would improve their accessibility, the quality of interchange between transport modes and traffic flow. The Council also supports improvements in the look and feel of local streets through a reduction in clutter and an improved public realm.

It is proposed that these measures be consulted upon.

The Council Economic Development Officer commented that:
" The improvement of Putney Station and the roadway/forecourt area adjacent to this is very
welcome and will enhance the streetscape and facilities of the town. The Putney Town Centre Manager has discussed the outline plans for the scheme with transport planners, providing some local feedback. It may be worth considering this unique opportunity to de-clutter the front of the station and adjacent roadway on the east side of Putney High Street by removing not only
railings but also the proposed cycle hoops that are currently planned to replace them. This would create a clear and uncluttered access-way devoid of obstructions to busy pedestrian movement. This would displace the existing cycle parking, so supplementary cycle parking could then be provided, as proposed, in Disraeli Road and also on the wide pavement section of the
Upper Richmond Road, beyond the only partly-used existing cycle hoops."

The Finance Director for Wandsworth Council stated in the recent report:
"There are no resources currently identified for the implementation of the Putney Station scheme but the cost of the consultation estimated to be £5,000 will be met from the TfL provision for Local Transport Funding."

October 7, 2011