Residents Fear Late Night Opening at New High Street Burger King

Say noise and fights are already a regular occurrence

42-44 Putney High Street where Burger King plans to open


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Residents fear they won’t be able to sleep if a new Burger King on Putney High Street is allowed to open until 3am all week. They said they are already plagued by drunk customers fighting and partying and worry this will get worse.

The new Burger King would open on the site of the old Nationwide bank on the high street, which has shut down. Residents living above and next to the venue said they are already disturbed at night as more bars have opened in the area.

In letters of objection to Wandsworth Council, locals raised fears the Burger King’s late hours would encourage rowdy customers to hang around. They also said the area’s litter problem would get worse and attract rats.

One resident said the high street already has a problem with drunk people “fighting, urinating, throwing up and wrecking personal property following on from being at the bars, pubs and clubs”. They said the “obvious litter” after Friday and Saturday nights would get worse.

They said, “As a resident on the high street we already deal with a huge amount of noise from people partying in the street and fighting in the street (and this is without anywhere on this stretch being open until 3am).

“The council should not be encouraging people to be hanging around late at night which increasing the late hours establishments does.”

A resident living above the venue also slammed the plans. They said, “I will not be able to have the required amount of sleep before I wake at a regular time for work. With deliveries, private refuse collection, Burger King workers entering and exiting the premises and the increased stream of antisocial drunk persons I am gravely concerned I will not get enough sleep to be healthy.”

Another resident who lives next door to the venue added, “Opening until 3am in the morning is not in the interest of the people living in this area. People coming out of bars, pubs etc will cause noise and disruption to those living in the local area, us included. Not to mention the rubbish created by the clients buying the burgers and hovering around talking whilst eating such food.”

Adil Catering Limited has applied to the council for the new licence for Burger King. The fast food restaurant would open from 10am to 3am under the plans.

The company has proposed conditions to prevent disturbance as part of the application. These include having CCTV, operating in a way which prevents noise coming from the building and regularly emptying bins. The Adil Group has been contacted for comment.

Charlotte Lilywhite - Local Democracy Reporter

October 20, 2022

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