Putney High Street Air Quality Improvement

Consultation on loading and parking proposals: your views needed by 29th September


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The following is taken from a leaflet produced by Wandsworth Council - you can download a copy.

Air quality along Putney High Street exceeds air quality targets for NO2 (nitrogen dioxide) with emissions from vehicles mostly to blame. A great deal of work has already been undertaken by Wandsworth Council, the Greater London Authority (GLA) and Transport for London (TfL) but further work is still required to improve air quality.

A study undertaken in 2011 revealed that buses were responsible for 68 per cent of NOx (oxides of nitrogen) emissions in the high street whilst only accounting for 10 per cent of the vehicle fleet. The evidence was used to lobby TfL for improvements to be made to the bus fleet travelling along Putney High Street.

As a result buses were fitted with technology to reduce their NOx emissions. Air quality monitoring indicates that there were 71 per cent fewer exceedences of the hourly air quality target for NO2 in 2013 compared against 2010 to 2012 levels.

These improvements coincide with the upgrading of the buses using the High Street. However, further work is needed to work towards achieving the air quality targets. Putney High Street remains a very congested road with stop-start traffic flow, that is affected adversely by vehicles delivering in the high street. Therefore we are seeking to further improve air quality by improving traffic flows.

Proposal details 
The council is asking businesses and residents to support them in helping to make Putney High Street a better place to live, work and do business. 

The aim of the proposal is to encourage businesses to adopt delivery patterns and practices that do not affect traffic flow along
Putney High Street. The proposal would place restrictions on deliveries so that they can only occur between 7pm and 7am, and where this is not possible, off-street loading/delivery bays could be provided.

Loading would be prohibited by the introduction of loading restrictions in Putney High Street, operating from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday. During these times vehicles would not be permitted to stop on yellow lines to load/unload as they do now. Instead, it is proposed that loading bays operating from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday, would be provided in the side streets (Disraeli Road, Montserrat Road and Werter Road) to allow businesses to receive deliveries. These would be in addition to the existing loading bays in Lacy Road and in
Norroy Road.

The proposed locations of the loading bays are near the junction with Putney High Street, in
order to make them practical for businesses to use. The existing parking facilities which
currently occupy these spaces would need to be relocated elsewhere in the street. Details of the proposed new locations for these facilities are shown on the enclosed plan and outlined in the accompanying table of information. We have tried to minimise any changes to parking
spaces where resident permit holders may park.

Tell us your views
You now have the opportunity to let us know your views on this proposal. Should you have
any comments or wish to express a preference for an alternative arrangement, please do so in
the comments box provided on the consultation questionnaire. A decision will be made once we
have taken all relevant factors into account and your view will help inform our decision. We wish
to base our recommendations for changes (if any) on a good response rate. Please complete
the questionnaire (download copy) and return it to reach us by Monday 29 September 2014.

Further information

The committee report that details the background to these proposals (Paper No. 14-376) can be viewed on the council’s website by clicking on “Meetings” in the left-hand menu under the heading “Council and democracy”, followed by “Meetings” in the left-hand menu again, and then clicking on the Strategic Planning and Transportation Overview and Scrutiny Committee and the 1 July 2014 meeting date.

If, after considering the outcome of this consultation and all relevant matters, it is recommended that the measures outlined in this consultation should be introduced, then there would need to be the formal processes to approve and implement the measures. We will write to you again to confirm the outcome of the consultation, the decision of the committee and the implementation date, if appropriate.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this consultation, please contact Steve Lane
on (020) 8871 8044 or email slane@wandsworth.gov.uk.

Yours faithfully
Wale Adeyoyin
Head of Parking, Road Safety and Highway Infrastructure

September 11, 2014