Clean Up Putney’s Air

Sheila Boswell, Labour’s MP candidate for Putney puts forward ways to reduce pollution


Putney High Street Breaches Annual Pollution Limit

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Fall In Putney High Street Pollution

As High Street Pollution Falls But Still Breaches EU Targets

Putney High Street Breaches Pollution Limits

Pollution Reducing Equipment Installed On Putney's Buses

Annual Limits Smashed By 10th Day of 2013

Poor Air Quality in London Continues

High Street Scheme To Cut Pollution & Jams

Cleaner Buses In SW15

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Sheila Boswell, Labour’s MP candidate for Putney said:
“Local people have barely taken their Christmas decorations down and Putney High Street has already exceeded key EU pollution targets. The Conservatives at City Hall and Wandsworth Town Hall have consistently failed to improve the situation despite their promises.

"Wandsworth Council has spent thousands of pounds on the air quality monitoring station in Felsham Rd and say they’re lobbying Boris -yet year after year Putney is in the headlines for pollution in our High Street. The Conservative Government's response has once again been to consider stopping monitoring - it is crucial this continues in Putney High Street."

Sheila Boswell and local residents campaigning on Putney High Street
Sheila Boswell and local residents campaigning on Putney High Street

"The action I am calling for is simple and cheap to implement:
• get the secondary taxi rank outside Greggs (where cabbies leave their engines idling) moved off the main thoroughfare and into a side street;
• ensure residents and shoppers get text alerts when NO2 levels are breached - similar to the text flood alert warnings riverside residents currently receive;
• Council officers to urgently meet with TFL and ensure Mayor Johnson fulfills his promises to improve air quality on Putney High Street.

"We need to take this issue seriously. Monitoring must continue and we must take action now. 4,300 people across the capital die prematurely because of air pollution. Putney residents deserve better."

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January 16, 2015

January 16, 2015