Local Restaurant No Longer Threatened By Development

Planning application By Enoteca Turi's landlord withdrawn

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Comments on the forum

Thamesfield councillors are pleased to report that the recent stories circulated in social media and elsewhere that Enoteca Turi restaurant at 28 Putney High Street is going to close because of a planning application by the landlord to develop the site have been ill-founded.

Following a successful campaign, the application has been withdrawn. Pam Turi, was very pleased to hear the application has been withdrawn and commented: "
Enoteca Turi has been a part of the Putney community for nearly 25 years; we started on a run down premises with a rubbish dump at the rear, and invested £400,000 which resulted in a huge improvement of this corner site. The restaurant is one of the few businesses on the High Street that has grown constantly over the years, despite two recessions, outlasting many well-known chains, and is a destination place for lovers of Italian food and wine, and an institution in Putney."

She continued: "Landlords come and go, but many are only concerned with building something as cheaply as possible and moving on.  Their proposal to erect a four storey tower comprising 6 flats with access via an outside staircase would not only be an eye-sore, but would require access via our kitchen for which they would have to negotiate.  We are determined not to be ousted or relinquish any part of our kitchen so that an ugly construction can be built. It would be a pity for the neighbourhood to lose one of its few independently-run restaurants for an unsightly extension to a listed building!

Cllr Jim Maddan stated:‘This might just be an initial skirmish, but we have made it clear that any further application MUST be predicated on the restaurant staying, with minimal disruption to local businesses. Well established businesses are the cornerstone of maintaining a thriving high street, where vacancies are kept to an absolute minimum’

March 11, 2014