The New Community Infrastructure Levy

Funds for the improvement of local facilities. What would you like to see?


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Find out more about the New Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) at the next Putney Society meeting on Thursday 24th April at 7.30pm at St Mary's Church, Putney Bridge.

Introduced in November 2012, all newly approved building development now has to pay a levy based upon the size of the new space being created. In much of Wandsworth this is £250 per square metre and over coming years will add up to many millions.

This levy is intended to provide funding for the additions and improvements to local community facilities required to handle the increased numbers of residents that these developments will bring. A significant proportion of the levy will be spent at the discretion of the Council.

However, the enabling legislation requires that 15% of the levy raised should be spent on projects determined by consultation with local residents.

The speaker will be Martin Howell, Group Planner, Policy and Information at Wandsworth Council. Mr Howell will explain the CIL in more detail, the scale of monies expected to be raised, the type of infrastructure improvements that could qualify and the infrastructure improvements that the Council are currently contemplating. This will be followed by an open discussion, chaired by the Buildings Panel convenor, to explore possibilities for the resident determined improvements.

This is an open meeting for Society members and friends - all are welcome. The Putney Pantry will be open before the meeting for refreshments.

April 18, 2014

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