Go Green at Home

The Putney Society meeting to help you reduce your energy bills & save the planet

Putney Society

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It’s been a long cold winter and the energy bills are piling up. Come and find out what you can do to reduce these and save the planet.

The Putney Society have lined up a panel of expert Putney residents to explain on Thursday 18 April 7.30pm at Brewer Building, St Mary’s Church, Putney Bridge

Matt Warnes will talk about Putney’s newest eco-home; James Page will explain solar energy and the Feed in Tariff; Conservation architect Natasha Brown will show that a traditional house can still be green; Laura Polglaze of EcoRenovate will talk about the Green Deal and other ways to fund it all, and Buildings Panel Convenor and Green Register member Andrew Catto will aim to fill any gaps.

March 28, 2013

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