Putney Sculptor In Wandsworth Fringe’s Exhibition

Sophie Marsham's work will be part of the exhibition


Open to the public:
16-18 May 10am - 6pm
Upstairs at 823 Wandsworth Road, SW8 3JL (Clapham Baptist Church)
£2 admission*, free for under 19s pop-up café by May Mays From 10am:drop-in sculpture workshop

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Move is an exhibition of new and original cartoons, collage, drawings, paintings, prints and sculpture based on observations of performance and movement.

All artwork has been created by children, young people and adults, together with professional artists, whose own work will also be exhibited, including Rob Buchan (cartoonist), Frank Creber (painter), Lucy Gibson-Hill (art therapist), Martin Ireland (painter), Francesca La Nave (art psychotherapist), Putney's Sophie Marsham (sculptor), Annie Warner (printmaker); and 14 year old Eric (ceramicist).

In the creation of Move, individuals aged between 4 and 83 enjoyed around 90 free places in workshops run by eight professional artists, kindly hosted by five charities, a Battersea primary school and a celebrated social enterprise. Together, their collective inspiration produced distinct and lively art from scratch, all based on their own reflections on music, dance and theatre. Experience their sensational work on show for the first time, some of which will be available to purchase.

Sculptor Sophie Marsham told PutneySW15.com:
" It was interesting to work with mixed ages and I was often surprised by the talent of the very youngest. If young people are always given an A4 sheet of white paper, they never get to experience the freedom of expression that comes from working on a very large scale".

She continued:
"Teamwork is key with group projects and even though they may not be hugely happy with their own contribution, you often find that they feel very proud of the overall piece. This has a very positive affect on building self esteem". "The young people often began the session saying they couldn't do that, but by the end, surprised themselves in the fact that they most definitely could".

Regarding her piece Sophie said:
" I decided to create a new piece of sculpture for the exhibition that had a direct connection with the drawing workshops that I taught. 'Drawing on Ideas' is a very large scale painted tube of pencils. It's the scale of the piece that I hope will surprise and humour the viewers"

May 7, 2014

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