Putney Artist's Work Hangs In Putney Library

The exhibition runs until January 4th on Disraeli Road

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34 years of Farley Berry, lives and works in Putney having grown up in Hampshire, and has always expressed a strong passion for painting.

"My Journey began as early as Secondary school. From there I went onto to study A-Level Art. Continuing to push my creativity further taking on board the knowledge I gained in a teaching environment to my home where I have my studio to paint."

Farley continued, "Taking a variety of Block courses in Life Drawing, Printing, Painting, and Sculpture has  kept me up to date and open to the potential of new styles of work. 2003 I studied Art Psycotherapy at Golds Smith University.2004 I studied a Foundation Diploma at Chelsea & Kensington, completing in 2005 with 3 Distinctions."

Within her work she has the ability to push the boundaries of style and content by choosing to produce a variety of styles of work, which are all very different genres of painting. Working simultaneously, producing both figurative and abstract compositions. Within each piece Farley works to achieve a perfect combination of colour and light with which to capture beauty itself within the paint work.

Farley pictured left with her work at the library

The abstract work explores and reveals unexpected relationships between colour, shape and sometimes angle producing perspectives in a subtle sometimes striking, modern impression, allowing for the illusion of space & depth through minimal use of both colour and form. Farley tries to allow the viewer a moment of contemplative reflection by using a selection of rich seductive tones. The holistic compositions unobtrusively divulge her inner mental process and workings, clearly passionate about her work and believe that comfort is reflected in the handling of the paint. Her passion for texture and layering within some pieces softens that of a harder image releasing a delicate detailed appreciation.

The passion for colour and light lead to produce bold and vivid geometric abstracts which focus on surface and texture. This set of work is produced by using acrylic painted and layered onto wood, which allows for a meaning and definition and solidity to my work. Working both on canvas and on wood depending on the feeling held for a painting .The colours them selves can be powerful but with the joint strength from the wood she feels this style of work is strong and defined. She considers herself as a painter, an explorer but also overall as a manipulator of colour and form.

Farley's equal love for the human form has resulted in a parallel series of works that explore the human form, set within individual moods. The human body is so beautiful and she clearly enjoys capturing its many expressions. Intending to push this subject matter further and explore blending Figurative work with Abstract.

Among contemporary modern painters, Farley's style and talent for capturing the essence of colour, fluidity and mood is powerful. Owning an original Farley Berry painting is a transporting experience as well as an important addition to any collection of contemporary Modern art and the jewel of any private home.


December 17, 2009

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