"The Gladiator" takes on 100 fights in charity challenge

to raise £10,000 to establish new charity



The Charity:
Name: Empire Schizophrenia Trust
Registered Charity No: 1111249

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On Saturday 8th October expert black belt and kung-fu fighter, Gavin, ‘The Gladiator’, Emerson took on over 35 skilled fighters in 100 spectacular rounds in the ring at Martial Fitness, Putney.

‘The Gladiator’ took on the unusual and extreme challenge in a bid to raise £10,000 to assist in the creation and launch of a new charity, the Empire Schizophrenia Trust. Upon completion of the final 100th round, he was awarded his 4th Dan Black Belt, an accolade received by only a few people in the UK.



Photo courtesey of www.ringpics.co.uk

Gavin Emerson in action above said, “I was really under pressure out there but the training paid off. It was tough taking on so many fighters and adapting to their different styles and levels of skill. The next challenge is to survive the celebrations tonight!

“I feel fortunate to be able to use my skills in a positive way to raise money for the Empire Schizophrenia Trust and in particular, those suffering from mental health problems who are often misunderstood or completely ignored.

Mark Winter, Senior Instructor at Martial Fitness Putney, has been assisting Gavin with his training regime, he says, “Gavin had a tough time in the ring, but he has an exceptional level of mental and physical ability. This is a unique achievement and we are really proud of him.”

October 13, 2005