"The Gladiator" takes on 100 fights in charity challenge

to raise £10,000 to establish new charity



Event details: 10.30am Doors open
11.20am Opening speech & junior event introduction
11.30am Junior event
12.30pm Raffle
1.00pm Main event: 100 rounds commence
3.30pm Main event finale
3.35pm Closing speeches and raffle

The Charity:
Name: Empire Schizophrenia Trust
Registered Charity No: 1111249

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On Saturday 8th October 2005 at 12.30pm, expert black belt and kung-fu fighter, 36 year old Gavin, ‘The Gladiator’, Emerson will be taking on an extreme kickboxing challenge of one hundred consecutive rounds against thirty fighters in the ring at Martial Fitness, Putney. He has set an ambitious target to raise £10,000 to assist in the creation and launch of a new charity, the Empire Schizophrenia

Gavin is a 3rd Dan Black Belt, his grueling training regime has pushed him to his limits, gradually building up the number of continuous rounds from an initial 20 up to 100 including a minimum of eight kicks per round. Upon completion of the challenge Gavin hopes to be awarded his 4th Dan Black Belt.

Gavin Emerson says, "I’m looking forward to it but it’s going to be hell. The challenge for me on the day will be to keep calm, controlled and use my stamina and mental focus to get through these 100 rounds.

“I feel fortunate to be able to use my skills in a positive way to raise money for the Empire Schizophrenia Trust and in particular, those suffering from mental health problems who are often misunderstood or completely ignored.”

Mark Winter, Senior Instructor at Martial Fitness Putney, has been assisting Gavin with his training regime, he says

“It has taken blood, sweat and tears to get this far, but I’m confident he’ll get through it. It’s great that he is doing this for charity and we are pleased to be able to support him. The light continuous style of kickboxing we use at Martial Fitness requires skill, speed and agility and it’s something all people, young or old, male or female can enjoy. It’s going to be an exciting day and I hope that people will come down with their families to cheer Gavin on.”