The Angry Birds Putney Christmas Safari

You can win an Angry Bird of your own


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During December six, large, soft toy ‘Angry Birds’ will be roosting in various Putney locations. Enter a FREE ‘DRAW’ for a chance of winning one of these ‘Angry Birds’ in time for Christmas by going on ‘Safari’ in Putney for them with your smartphone.

To enter the Safari:
1. Download TiCL App to your smartphone (iPhone or Android). TiCL App is FREE to download.
2. Throughout December the ‘Angry Birds’ locations will be found on TiCL App and
3. When you spot one of our ‘Angry Birds’ in Putney immediately (ie from where you are):
- open up TiCL App (the location the Bird is in will be the top story on ‘TiCL: Here and Now’)
- press on that story
- press on ‘Add Article To This Headline’ and add a picture of the Angry Bird with ‘Take Photo’ (make sure ‘Show My Location’ is ticked) – you might want to add a message too!
- press submit.

You can enter this ‘Draw’ as many times as you like (although you will only get one entry to the ‘Draw’ for any particular ‘Angry Bird’ in any particular location). If a ‘Bird’ moves to a different location you can repeat the process in a new location for an extra chance of winning that bird.

You can enter the safari with ANY number of the six ‘Angry Birds’ (even ALL of them). The more times you enter the more chance you have of winning an ‘Angry Bird’. Not all the birds will be in Putney every day: so keep an eye on or TiCL App (you can search for them in the ‘Today’ category). Some ‘Angry Birds’ are more elusive than others!

Terms & Conditions
No purchase is necessary. The ‘Safari ‘ will begin on Saturday 1st December at 8 am and end on
Friday 21st December at 8pm. Photos must be of good enough quality for us to easily identify
the ‘Bird’. The ‘DRAW’ of eligible entries will take place overnight on Friday 21st December.
Winners will be notified by e.mail (to the email address they registered with TiCL) on Saturday 22nd December. Local delivery or collection of a winning ‘Angry Bird’ can be arranged in time for Christmas.

Any questions about the Terms & Conditions of the Safari, how to enter, information about TiCL App or or any other questions should be addressed to Any decisions relating to ‘The Angry Birds Putney Christmas Safari’ will be made solely by TiCL Media
Limited and their decision will be final.

November 10, 2012