Thamesfield Ward E-Bulletin June 2010

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Edward Lister, Jim Maddan and Rosemary Torrington Councillors, Thamesfield Ward, Putney, Wandsworth Borough Council.

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Welcome to the June edition of our e-bulletin which we hope you find helpful and informative. Please feel free to forward this e-bulletin to friends and neighbours in the area who might be interested.

Third runway at Heathrow cancelled by new government
Following years of campaigning Cllr Edward Lister has welcomed confirmation by the new government to cancel the third runway. This follows the decision by Lord Justice Carnwath in March. Lord Carnwath said that it would be wrong for the former government to proceed as if nothing had changed since the 2003 airports white paper setting out plans for airport expansion across the UK.

Cllr Lister plans to continue the campaign to maintain the current relief afforded to residents by runway alternation, to reduce night flights and to introduce more stringent noise and air quality controls. On 24 May BAA announced that it will stop buying properties in Sipson and that it will stop work on the planning application for the third runway.

Boris Johnson to ditch Royal Parks' parking fee plan:
The Queen’s Speech last week confirmed that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) are transferring management of the Royal Parks to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. The power handover would give final say on the controversial charging scheme to the Mayor.

Already a spokesman for the Mayor’s office has confirmed that no parking fees would be introduced while Mr Johnson is in office. He has said:
“At present the Mayor has no jurisdiction over Richmond Park, but his view is that the park is a fantastic historical resource and must be accessible for all Londoners. The Mayor would not introduce parking charges during this Mayoralty, and would only support such a measure thereafter if it had the backing of Londoners.”

A DCMS spokesman said:
“The Government is committed to transferring management of the Royal Parks, including Richmond and Bushy, to the Mayor’s office, and the Mayor’s position on the issue of charging is, of course, a matter of public record.”

Petition concerning dangerous dogs at RSPCA Animal Hospital

There have been ongoing issues surrounding the treatment of aggressive fighting dogs at the RSPCA in Clarendon Drive, for some years. For more than 100 years the RSPCA animal hospital has offered treatment to animal owners who are unemployed and cannot afford vets’ bills.

In many cases, these are the people who own the most ferocious dogs. Often they are excluded from the waiting area because of their dogs’ behaviour and they have to wait outside. These are the dogs that intimidate passers-by and foul the nearby pavements. There is a groundswell of opinion locally that thinks that the RSPCA hospital should not be located in a residential area and would be better suited to a purpose built facility elsewhere in the area, away from homes, schools and a health clinic.

Negotiations are going to begin with the RSPCA to establish their position and see if there is any common ground. Subject to these discussions, a petition to the local authority may be the next step.

Heritage Festival

The Wandsworth Heritage Festival starts on 30 May and runs until 13 June. The brochure listing all the fascinating events can be downloaded via this link

Putney events are as follows:
Wednesday 2 June (2-4pm) a free introduction to family history sources on the internet at Putney Library.
Wednesday 2 June, 7pm, Archaeology of early Wandsworth (finds on the foreshore at Putney), a talk by Pamela Greenwood at Southfields Library.
Tuesday, 8 June, 6-6.30pm, Putney Society open evening at the Star & Garter, including the unveiling of its sixth blue plaque commemorating J R Ackerley. There will also be an opportunity for older residents to record their memories of life and times in early 20th century Putney.
From 11-31 July, there will be a display at Putney Library about Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton.

Archive material such as local newspapers, maps, photographs etc can be viewed online on the archive catalogue at Historic images of the borough can be seen at

The Wandle Valley Festival takes place over the weekend of 5 and 6 June.

253-255 Putney Bridge Road (Application No 2009/3929)
The application is currently invalid however, we have received several emails about it already. The applicant proposes to demolish two houses on Putney Bridge Road, to the rear of which is located a vehicle repair workshop. The plans show the construction of a four storey building on Putney Bridge Road to be used for three businesses for B1 use (offices) and two retail units with two maisonettes above. Vehicular access is proposed through an access point to enable cars to drive into a parking area behind the new buildings fronting Putney Bridge Rd. A terrace of seven, three storey + basement houses is proposed to the rear of the parking area. The site abuts the tube line on the eastern boundary and the rear of houses on Oxford Road on the western boundary.

Richard Evans is the planner in charge of the case and can be reached on 8871 6644. He has confirmed that the application is invalid pending the submission of side elevation drawings and improvements to the daylight/sunlight study. Notwithstanding the delay, residents should submit comments and objections on the application as submitted. Please feel free to copy us into any objections.

Proposed telecom mast at Jordan Court 300-302 Upper Richmond Road, (Application No 2010/1784)
On behalf of O2, Vodafone have identified this site as suitable for an equipment upgrade. We understand this is to provide 3G coverage in Putney particularly along Upper Richmond Road and surrounding areas.

The sits is an existing O2 base station. The proposal is to remove and replace 3 antennae together with 4 remote radio units at roof level. At ground level a new cabinet measuring 1.86m x 0.58m x 1.4m (high) is proposed. A formal planning application has been made and can be viewed under the above number where comments can be made. Please feel free to copy us in.
Vodafone say that their installations are designed to be fully compliant with the public exposure guidelines established by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). These guidelines have the support of UK Government, the European Union and they also have the formal backing of the World Health Organisation.

Potholes and resurfacing
Between 1 March and the end of May 10,000 potholes have been repaired across Wandsworth, 251 of which were in Thamesfield. Pothole repair is in addition to resurfacing raods where the damage was more severe. During May Florian, Merivale and Brandlehow Road were completely resurfaced. There has also been a blitz on potholes. Extensive work has taken place on Putney Bridge Road to patch some significant potholes. If you know of locations which have been missed, please let Cllr Torrington know,

Norroy Road – No Entry sign
Cllr Maddan has taken up concerns raised by Norroy Road residents about the danger presented by motorists turning out of Norroy Road onto the High Street. Norroy Road is a one-way street but currently lacks a No Entry sign at the junction of Norroy Road and the High St. Drivers turn in the driveways of 2, 4 and 6 Norroy Rd and drive the wrong way out, into the High St.
Following Cllr Maddan’s intervention a NO ENTRY marking will be painted on the carriageway at the junction of Norroy Road and the High Street together with arrows to indicate the one-way traffic so as to prevent drivers from turning into Norroy Road. Several penalty charge notices have now been issued to vehicles exiting illegally from Norroy Road into the High Street. In these instances cars have been seen to turn left and right into the High Street from Norroy Road.

Cllr Lister has asked for an up-to-date check on traffic speeds in the road and we will report further.

Pedestrian crossings
On behalf of residents Cllr Maddan has taken up complaints about timings and phasing at pedestrian crossings. The first is in Lower Richmond Road near the junction with Stanbridge Road where residents find the timing of the green man insufficient to allow the elderly and mothers with young children to cross. The second is Putney Bridge Road at the junction with Putney High Street. The phasing of the lights in favour of left turning traffic from Putney High Street going towards Wandsworth means that frequently there are large groups of pedestrians, mothers with buggies stranded on the central reservation

Cllr Torrington has taken up concerns raised by a resident in Fawe Park Road regarding traffic speeds in the vicinity of Brandlehow School. The Council’s transport team have been in dialogue with Brandlehow School and an officer attended a meeting last year. Although an initial study did not recommended any physical features the issue is now being revisited and a report on this site and others, is scheduled for the autumn. Cllr Torrington will report further.

Putney Wharf alley
A meeting has been held between the Metropolitan Police, the Odeon Cinema, the Council’s Crime Prevention Design Advisor, the Conservation Officer and Engineering Services, to discuss the various options. Gating has always been considered as a final option and a number of alternatives that will open up the area, improve the lighting and surveillance, together with changes that will improve the safety of all pedestrians and cinema users. When these have been finalised a full consultation will take place involving users, residents and the land owners to establish a way forward.

Disposal of knives and guns
From time to time we all have kitchen knives that we wish to dispose of. The safest way is to wrap them safely in newspaper, secure them with a piece of string or a rubber band, (where I live there are always rubber bands dropped by the postman), and then take them to the police station. They have special facilities for disposing of them. The same applies if you are clearing out the attic and you find an old service revolver.

Would you like to organise a street party on Sunday 18th July?

Neighbourhoods and communities across the whole of the UK can take part in celebrations on Sunday 18th July intended to encourage good neighbourliness and friendlier relations with those living nearby. This might be a simple tea party in a back garden or it could be a large street party for the whole neighbourhood. This would mean being able to set up tables in the middle of the road without having cars driving up and down. Last year’s Big Lunch saw almost one million people come together to enjoy community events. It provides the opportunity to knock on the doors of neighbours, say hello and invite them to lunch. If you’d like to organise a street party with a street closure please apply to the town hall by FRIDAY 18 JUNE by ringing 8871 6708. . The aim is to cut through all the red tape and publish statutory notices in time for 18th July. Unfortunately, the Council will not be able to close a road on which buses operate.

Cycle Corner and Dr Bike in Church Square in June
Bring your bike along to St Mary’s Church Square for a free safety check and have minor faults fixed on Wednesday, 9, 16, 23 or 30 June between 6-8pm.
Cycle training is free to anyone who lives, works or studies in Wandsworth 020 8871 6670. Free beginners’ bicycle maintenance classes for Wandsworth residents 020 8871 7983 to sign up for a 2 hour class.,,
Putney Cycles have recently opened a repair workshop in Putney High Street, opposite the end of Putney Bridge Road, to free up some of their space in Putney Bridge Road.

Wandsworth in Bloom 2010

The annual competition is now open with categories as follows:

best front garden, best window boxes, hanging baskets and tubs, best pub, restaurant or hotel, best public building, best community area, best school, best garden in a seed tray and best flower picture.
The competition is designed to encourage residents and businesses to improve their environment through imaginative use of flowers, trees, shrubs and landscaping. The closing date for applications is FRIDAY 18 JUNE. Register online at or call 8871 7530 or pick up an application form at the library in Disraeli Road.

Horse droppings
We have taken up concerns expressed by residents regarding horse droppings on the Woodlands Way footbridge. Horse droppings are cleansed as part of normal street cleansing operations and cause no particular problems either to street sweepers with brooms/shovels or those with mechanical equipment. Woodlands Way including the footbridge link to Fawe Park Road is scheduled for thorough cleansing on Fridays and further cleansing to remove litter (includes horse droppings) and fly-tipping on Tuesdays. Further information:

Police meetings in June

The Thamesfield SNT (Safer Neighbourhood Team) meet have several meetings for the public in June. These include all the Dr Cycle sessions listed above where they will be offering a bike marking service in Church Square, a street meeting on 10 June on Putney Embankment between noon and 1400, a community event at Brandlehow School on 27 June between 1100 and 1400, on 30 June there is a drop in surgery in Putney Library, Disraeli Road between 1800 and 1900 and for the diary, on 2 July there is a community event at Our Lady of Victories, Clarendon Drive between 1500 and 1700.

The Thamesfield Ward SNT Panel sets the priorities for the policing team to follow in addition to the standard police force priorities of robbery and burglary. Currently the three priorities are :
Anti-social behaviour around the High Street and seasonal hotspots, parks, the riverside, etc Retail crime Theft of and offences concerning pedal cycles
If you have any additional suggestions please contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team on
The SNT can be reached on 020 8721 2434 or on 07920 233924. In an emergency always dial 999. For all other calls to the Metropolitan police please dial 0300 123 1212.

Recently a nasty incident occurred on the open ground at the back of TopShop/TopMan and the police have asked that if anyone is seen hanging around in the area they should let the police know.

Balloons, spies, asparagus and other Wandsworth stories
This is an Arts Team project funded by Heritage Lottery Fund combining quirky historical stories about Wandsworth with an illustration from a local artist or archive piece. The aim of the project is to engage people in local history in a radically new way - people are invited to visit the website and take a quiz. This quiz 'decides' a relevant historical story for the individual which then arrives, through the post a week later.

Artists’ Open House 2010 – ADVANCE NOTICE

Artists have until 5pm on FRIDAY, 11 JUNE to register for this event which is organised by the Wandsworth Arts team and takes place on two weekends – 2/3 October and 9/10 October. It is a unique opportunity for professional and amateur artists to showcase and sell work from their home and studio. It also offers a glimpse of the artist’s working environment and a chance to engage with them directly. It embraces a variety of mediums such as craft, design, sculpture, painting, jewellery, photography, drawing, film etc. Shared spaces are available to artists who wish to take part but are unable to open up their home or studio. The entrance fee is £55 or £80 depending on whether you show alone or as part of a group. To register email, or call 020 8871 8711 – Justine Kenyon.

Resurfacing of Upper Richmond Road – ADVANCE NOTICE
Following the British Gas works at the end of last year, further pipe replacement work is scheduled for Upper Richmond Road in two phases. The first of these is estimated by Southern Gas Networks (SGN) to begin on 6 July 2010 to finish on 22 October 2010. They will lay around 650m of main on the section of Upper Richmond Road from Dryburgh Road to Ravenna Road. SGN will need to run a one-way system on this section, which would allow eastbound traffic to run normally. Westbound traffic would be able to access Upper Richmond Road as far as Putney Hill, from where it would be diverted via Tibbets Ride, Tibbets Corner, Kingston Road and Roehampton Lane before re-joining Upper Richmond Road

The next phase is estimated to begin in January 2011 and to complete in March 2011. SGN plan to would attend to the section from Keswick Road to West Hill. Again it’s likely that a one-way system will be introduced, with eastbound traffic maintained and westbound traffic diverted. Westbound traffic would be able to access Upper Richmond Road as far as West Hill, from where it would be diverted via Tibbets Corner, Tibbets Ride and Putney Hill before rejoining Upper Richmond Road.
Further information from,

Events and activities
The official opening of the extended playground in Wandsworth Park takes place on 2nd
Half-term week – 31 May to 6 June. A full programme of Family Fun is available from 8871 7899 or via June from 4-6pm with plenty of fun activities for children of all ages and their families. All three of us will be there and we look forward very much to meeting as many families as possible. Putney based activities include family drawing and painting, family pottery at Putney School of Art & Design on 1, 2 and 3 June, a family sports day and picnic on 1 June at Granard Primary School, a family film viewing How to train your dragon at Putney Odeon on 3 June, and a family forest school in Richmond Park on 5 June.

The Royal Academy of Dance celebrates its 90th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion Putney Library has an exhibition of dance in all its forms as well as the scope of the Academy’s work. The exhibition is from 21 June to 9 July, more information at or from Putney Library.

Big Dance is a London-wide festival celebrating dance in all its forms. Following the visit of the Big Dance bus to Wandsworth Park during the Shimmy, several taster activities take place during Big Dance week and throughout the year – Wandsworth schools have also signed up to take part in Big Dance world record – – on 9thJuly.

All Saints’ Summer Music Festival takes place from 11-20 June. A full programme can be downloaded at and includes a wide range of music and a walking tour. The box office hotline is 07983 151441 or
A knitting concert takes place on 27 June at All Saints’ Church, Putney Common between 1900 and 2000. The Melvin family will be performing romantic string music in a programme including Stravinsky and Ravel. The concert if free including wine and juice with a collection for charity.
The Open Garden Squares Weekend takes place on the weekend of 12-13 June. The list of gardens throughout London including those in the borough can be found at
Putney Heath Walks take place between 1500 and 1600 every Thursday afternoon in June starting from the Green man pub near the bus stop on Putney Heath. Details from
For The Half Moon’s June programme - There is jazz every Sunday lunchtime from 1pm and families are welcome. Every Tuesday you can join the Half Moon pub quiz in the main bar with six people per team.
The Duke’s Head on Lower Richmond Road is offering stand-up comedy on Wednesdays. Doors open at 8pm, tickets £7 or £5 for concessions. Reservations 07966176049 or
Putney Theatre Company at Ravenna Road, SW15 will be performing Private Fears in Public Places by Alan Ayckbourn from 22-26 June. Box office 020 8788 6943
Wandsworth Symphony Orchestra will be giving a concert at St Mary’s Church, Putney Bridge at 8pm on Saturday 19 June. The programme includes Berlioz, Malcolm Arnold and Hoosien Dehlavi
Wills Art House is organising Wild Britannia, an exhibition of six artists depicting wildlife in Britain opening on 27 June until the end of July.
The Putney Leisure Centre in Dryburgh Rd provides swimming and a full range of activities
The Putney Senior Social Group meets every Monday at All Saints’ Church, Putney Common between 10 and 11.30am. They offer tea and coffee and homemade cakes for the over 60s. The group started with four members a year ago and now regularly has up to 16 people in attendance. To join the group call Carolyn Biddick on 07964 593879 on any weekday mornings for more details.
Regenerate-RISE provides lunches, activities, outings and spport for the over 60s, particularly those who are isolated. It operates from The Platt Christian Centre in Felsham Road. They also have a hairdresser open three days a week to anyone over the age of 60 at very reasonable prices. They hold a cafe once a month on a Saturday open to anyone. For more information please email Mo Smith, Chair of Trustees, Regenerate-RISE at
There is a permanent exhibition about The Putney Debates 1647 in St Mary’s Church by Putney Bridge open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm
Details about the Putney Sculpture Trail located along the river from Leaders Gardens to Wandsworth Riverside Quarter can be found at
The Partnership Board has produced a brief heritage guide for visitors to encourage people to visit and explore Putney. This can be found at,

Putney Town Centre

The Putney Exchange is generously sponsoring 20 hanging baskets for the lamp posts in the Town Centre. The Exchange is a member of the Putney Partnership, a group actively seeking to improve the environment in the Town Centre, encourage residents to “shop locally” and to attract increased footfall and spend from visitors to Putney. The hanging baskets do much to enhance the hard surfaces in the High Street. In these challenging financial times and budget cuts we particularly value financial support from the Exchange as Putney’s single most important group of retailers in the High Street.
The Token Yard Club - After six years trading in Token Yard, Guiseppe Minetti has decided to expand his personal training gym and has taken 6,000 sq ft premises above Barclays Bank at 56 Putney High Street. The Token Yard Club is due to open in July and as an introductory offer the first 20 members pay only £59 per month.
Cakes4Fun on Lower Richmond Road is now offering courses seven days a week. A full programme is available at and includes weekdays, evenings and weekends. In addition to cakes there is a course on starting a business from home. A second teaching room has been created on-site.
The Railway – Wetherspoons have plans to refurbish this pub at the top of the High Street opposite the station. We will report further.
The Rocket – Wetherspoons withdrew their application to extend the licensable areas to include an external area which was due to be heard on 25 May. The existing licensing hours remain unchanged.
Christmas Market – plans are underway for this year’s Christmas market which takes place on Friday, 3 December. Retailers and food/drink outlets in Putney interested in having a stall should contact the Town Centre manager for information or call 8785 0374.

Markets: There are weekly Friday (11am – 8pm) and Saturday (9am-4pm) market stalls in Church Square hosted by Portland Scallops selling fresh wet fish and shell fish now joined by a specialist cheese stall and a stall selling fresh flowers.

Useful Numbers:

Details of the Minor Injuries Unit at Queen Mary’s Hospital can be found online

or call 020 8487 6499/6999. Evening smear test clinics now available for women who find it difficult to get to their doctor during the day held at the Minor Injuries Unit every Tuesday from 5.30-7.30pm. The clinics are by appointment only to women registered with a Wandsworth GP. To make an appointment call 0845 6026292.

Do help us keep Thamesfield ward in good shape by reporting instances of fly tipping and graffiti as well as broken pavements and pot holes.

Waste services – including fly tipping, street cleansing, missed collections, recycling.

Tel 020 8871 8558 Email

Tel 020 8871 7479 for recycling hotline.

Graffiti removal

Tel 020 8871 7049 Email

Broken pavements, potholes etc

Tel 020 8871 6708 Email

Noise hotline Email

Tel 020 8871 6170 (during office hours)

Tel 020 8871 7869 (outside office hours)

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June 18, 2010