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Welcome to the latest Putney police newsletter. We have lots to tell you in this edition and we hope you find it interesting and informative.

This past week we have welcomed some more new recruits to the Putney Neighborhood teams straight out of training school. They will be out in the wards being mentored by an experienced PC learning the area and the job they have signed up for. The MPS has been recruiting steadily over the last 6 months in a drive to meet the Mayors promise of around 32,000 warranted police officers in London. These new recruits come from varied backgrounds and each brings new experiences and opinions to the team. If you see them, or any officers out and about please feel free to stop them and say hello.

We have recently seen a small rise across the ward of theft from motor vehicle type offences. Can all residents please be reminded to take all valuables inside with them at night and make sure their car is locked and secure. It might be worth opening the glove box to demonstrate there is nothing of value in the vehicle to prevent thieves breaking windows to search. If you do see anyone acting suspiciously in your road and around parked cars make a note of the time and their description and let us know, if they are committing or about to commit a crime please
do dial 999.

You will see some dates and time below when you can visit and talk to an officer from one of the Putney teams at a drop in surgery. If you have any questions, comment good or bad or wish to chat to an officer for some guidance or advice please drop in and see them, or give you local team a call.

‘Working to make changes for the better’
Your team are working on the following priorities and objectives, which are set by your wards panel:

Thamesfield Ward
Behave or Be Banned (BOBB) project is continuing to role out on Putney sector. There are two schemes that relate to Retail Stores and Licensed premises. At this stage 10 licensed premises have signed up to the scheme and 12 Putney Stores. Both will begin to contribute to further reductions in crime and anti-social behavior in and around Putney Town Centre during 2015.

The number of offences in connection to theft from motor vehicles continues to be quite high rising from 14 recorded offences in Nov to 18 offences in Dec. The main objective of officers on the team remains reducing the number of offences by using resources from across the borough in uniform and plain clothes patrols. The good news is that officers on the investigative team at Putney were provided with some CCTV of a male breaking into builders van on Lower Common South. Further enquires identified a prolific thief from a neighboring borough as the culprit and he was arrested and currently awaits charge.

Also over the Christmas period CCTV identified a vehicle that had been stolen in a burglary on the ward travelling toward Putney on the bridge. The vehicle was involved in a short pursuit and 2 occupants ran away and were detained a short distance away on a side street. Both occupants were arrested and later charged with Burglary and theft offences.

West Hill and East Putney Wards
As a result of an increase in car crime on the West Hill Ward a Day of Doors was carried out on Thursday 15/01/2015 at SUTHERLAND GROVE and COMBEMARTIN ROAD, SW18 by your local officers PCSO Wojnowski and PCSO Perkins. Two hundred fourteen cars were checked, one car was found to be insecure on SUTHERLAND GROVE. Officers spoke to the registered keeper who securely locked the car. Officers engaged to local residents giving them crime prevention advice.

The initiative will be carried out once a month in vulnerable areas of West Hill and East Putney in the areas where there have been thefts from motor vehicles offences.

In conjunction with our continual crime prevention campaign, on Wednesday 21st of January your ward officers conducted a crime prevention presentation at BURDWOO, Sheltered Housing Scheme for the senior citizens. The areas covered in the presentation were Scams, Telephone banking frauds, ATM - Distraction thefts and Personal safety.

Your ward officers attended Prospect House School in your ward for children aged 3 to 11 years old and talked to children. They carried out a presentation to the pupils and staffs about the police and children also were given opportunity to see the police vehicles and dog units.

Fairfield Ward
Ward Priorities are
 Burglary
 Theft from Motor Vehicle
 Theft of Pedal Cycle

Our promises are:
 Once a month we will dedicate a full day to carrying out a proactive operation targeting burglary offences
 Once a month we will dedicate a full day to carrying out a proactive operation targeting vehicle crime offences
 Once a month we will visit every address on 4 streets to talk to residents about crime and anti-social behavior in your area

This month, Fairfield ward conducted a plain clothes operation in Smuggler's way to combat theft offences in the area. Officers visited businesses in the area offering crime prevention advice and making them aware of current crime trends. The operation took place over 4 days and resulted in three arrests and numerous stops of persons of interest to police. Two of the persons arrested have already gone to court and been found guilty of theft offences.

Fairfield ward has historically suffered from a high rate of theft from motor vehicle offences. In 2013 there were total of 188 offences over the year - an average of 15.67 offences per month.
As a result our team conducted targeted operations and arrested a prolific Theft from Motor Vehicle offender in November 2013 from breach of the anti-social behavior order we had previously obtained, and again in April 2014 for a theft offence leading to him being relocated out of Wandsworth borough whilst his trial is pending.

As a result, in the same period 2014 there was a total of 95 offences (average 7.92 offences per month) - over 50% reduction!

Roehampton Ward
Earlier on this month you local officers executed a drugs warrant at an address on Highcliffe Drive. A female was arrested for possession of class A drugs and is currently on bail pending lab results.

Last week PC Mike and Theresa assisted the department of work and pensions as part of an ongoing investigation into a benefits fraud a female was arrested and enquiries are ongoing.

West Putney Ward
PC Emma and PCSO Dave have made a number of visits to the wards primary schools and given stranger danger talks to the reception and first year classes. PC Mike was a new addition to the team in January and had a productive first month with seven arrests for a variety of offences.

Your local team has focused their patrols around the Ashburton Youth Club after a number of reports of Anti Social Behavior in the evenings after the club shuts up. It appears this increased police presence has had the desired effect as we have had a drop in the number of calls to police.

Last week a 17 year old local boy who has an ASBO relating to burglary offences was released from prison. He has now breached his release conditions and is currently wanted. The team is out looking for this male and we will update you as and when we get him.

Dates for your Diary
Have your say and make a difference.
03rd of February 2015 at 7.00p.m
The next Safer Neighborhood Panel Meeting & AGM for West Hill & East Putney Wards at Lady & St Peter Church Hall, 15 Victoria Drive, SW19

12th February 2015 at 7.00p.m
The next Public meeting for Thamesfield Ward at Jubilee House Putney High St, SW15

28th February 2015 at 1030a.m

The next public meeting for Southfield Ward at St Barnabas Church, Lavenham Road SW18

Your contribution will be valued and you could
make a difference to your neighbourhood.

Your Local Team
Roehampton Ward: PC Andrew VOONG
West Putney Ward: PC Emma DONNELLY
Fairfield Ward: PC Mike DOWNEY
Southfield Ward: PC James ELVY
Thamesfield Ward: PC Alastair ADAMS
East Putney Ward: PC Martin COLE
West Hill Ward: PC Jeremy WESTON

In a non-emergency report crime online or phone the new 101
number. Alternatively you can provide
information about any crime anonymously by
calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
Total Number of Crime by Month in Putney in last 6 month
Total Number of Crime by Month in Putney in last 6 month

Inspector Waddington
Officer in charge of Putney Police

February 4, 2015