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Welcome to the latest Putney police newsletter. We have lots to tell you in this edition and we hope you find it interesting and informative.

Your local team continue to work hard to keep you safe. We do need your help so please do all you can to take
reasonable crime prevention measures. If you want crime prevention advice let us know and we will arrange a
visit. Remember, Putney is a safe place to live, work and visit. I aim for it to stay that way. Proud to be serving Putney.

Your Policing Priorities
Your team are working on the following priorities, which are set by your wards panel:

1) Burglary - The number of house burglaries rose slightly in Oct 2014 to 7 recorded offences from a low of just 3 in Sept. The team continue to focus on getting the message of crime prevention out to all burglary victims by conducting follow up visits and by conducting house to house enquiries in adjacent properties to maximise the opportunities of identifying offenders and reducing the risk of further burglaries in the area.
2) Theft from Motor vehicle - The number of offences continues to be quite high rising from 20 recorded offences in Sept to 24 recorded offences in October. The main objective of officers on the team remains reducing the number of offences by using resources from across the borough in uniform and plain clothes patrols. Local officers have identified known hot spot areas and the peak times for offending and have patrolled at those times in order to apprehend and arrest offenders. In mid-Nov patrolling officers acted on information from a member of the public
and identified and arrested an offender with property from a nearby vehicle. Officers have also worked on prevention by conducting a 'Day of Doors' in which car doors are tried on selected roads to educate owners about the dangers of insecure vehicles. 5 vehicles were found to be unlocked and advice given to owners about property safety

Southfields Ward

1) Day of Doors Initiative once a month where officers carry out foot patrols in specific areas where there have been thefts from motor vehicles offences. Car doors are checked and where they are found insecure then registered keepers enquiries are completed and officers speak to the local residents to advise them.
2) Pro-active burglary patrols in the ward targeting areas where there has been an increase in offences. In addition to this patrols will be conducted in areas where there is an increase in motor vehicle crime. Patrol will be conducted in regular basis in Brookwood Road, Trentham Street, Ravensbury Road, West Hill Road, Lavenham Road, Engadine Street, Pulborough Road, Replingham Road.

Fairfield Ward
Ward officers carried out a community engagement initiative in Sudlow Road, Tonsley Road, Coleford Road and Cromford Road. This involved police officers knocking on every door and speaking to residents about their concerns and updating them on our recent local policing activity. We received very positive feedback from all those we spoke to, and as a result we increased the number of vital contacts we have within our local ward community.

East Putney & West Hill Wards
Wards priorities are Burglary, Theft from Motor vehicle, Reducing ASB.

Roehampton Ward
1) All victims of burglary in the ward have to be visited and the surrounding houses are visited/leaflets given to increase awareness/vigilance
2) Portswood Place and Roehampton Vale will be patrolled regularly to deter the groups gathering to drink alcohol and tackle Anti-social Behaviour in general.

'Working to make changes for the better’
Thamesfield officers received a call from a member of the public stating that there were 2 youths riding on a moped in Westleigh Avenue, SW15 without wearing any helmets. Your local NPT officers PC Guiver, PC Moran and PCSO Smith attended and spotted the youths, who immediately dropped the moped and ran off. After a quick chase, they were both caught and arrested for Theft of motor vehicle.

Southfields officers attended Little Wombles Nursery to talk to children. They carried out a presentation to the parents and staffs about the police and children also were given opportunity to sit in the police vehicles. Bike marking events are carried out once a month by Southfield officers whereby people can get their bikes marked and in the event their bike is stolen it can be identified. These events have been very successful and recently we have been carrying them out in connection with BTP at train / tube stations.

PC Mike Downey, Fairfield’s Dedicated Ward Officer has recently delivered talks to children at several local groups, schools and nurseries about how to stay safe when out and about, what to do if you get lost, and also basic crime prevention tips. Amongst those venues he visited were All Farthing Primary School Christmas Fair, St Ann’s Church Guides, and the Wee-Ones Day Nursery where he brought along an operational police vehicle with working blue lights & sirens - it certain captivated their attention!

A Successful drugs warrant was executed by West Hill Officers on 28/11/2014 after several pieces of intelligence were received about the occupant selling drugs from the location. The occupant was processed for possession of cannabis.

East Putney officers attended St Michaels School on Tuesday 18th November 2014 for anti-bullying week. Police addressed the whole school via an assembly before breaking up into group workshops where all forms of bullying were discussed, with the hot topic being cyber bullying. Police received very positive feedback from this event and other school visits are being planned.

A well known local burglar in West Putney Ward with an ASBO not to be in certain areas of the Borough was chased and caught by local officers after breaching it and being shown wanted for failing to appear at Court along with other offences. He is currently serving 4 months in prison.

Roehampton local officers attended the Christmas Lantern Carol Parade on Danebury Avenue on Thursday 11th December 2014. There was a good turnout of children from Heathmere Primary School, Sacred Heart Primary School and Eastwood Nursery.

Dates for your Diary
Have your say and make a difference.

12th February 2015 at 7.30p.m
The next Public meeting for Thamesfield Ward at St Mary’s Church Putney High St

21st January 2015 at 7p.m
The next Public Meeting for East Putney Ward at
Putney High School.

28th February 2015 at 10.30a.m
The next public meeting for Southfield Ward at St
Barnabas Church, Lavenham Road SW18

Your contribution will be valued and you could make a difference to your neighbourhood
In a non-emergency report crime online at or phone the new 101
number. Alternatively you can provide
information about any crime anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.
Safer Neighbourhood Teams work closely with Wandsworth Council’s Community Safety Unit. The police and the council have a joint commitment to keeping people safe.

Useful council numbers include:
Switchboard 020 8871 6000
Community Safety 020 8871 6567
Anti-Social Behaviour 020 8871 8894
Graffiti Hotline 020 8871 7049
Out of Hours Noise line 020 8871 6170
Neighbourhood Watch 020 8871 8919

Your Local Team
Roehampton Ward: PC Andrew VOONG
West Putney Ward: PC Emma DONNELLY
Fairfield Ward: PC Mike DOWNEY
Southfield Ward: PC James ELVEY
Thamesfield Ward: PC Alastair ADAM
East Putney Ward: PC Martin COLE

Inspector Waddington
Officer in charge of Putney Police

January 9, 2015