How Is The Recession Affecting Our children?

be warned creative little minds begin to share in your worry

Marygrace Anderson

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My phone is ringing off the hook, but lately, something has changed. My clients no longer just refer friends to me; they refer their friend's kids! As parents we protect our children as much as possible, but sometimes, we unintentionally, transfer our fears to our kids.

I am sure you or a partner has discussed the economy and the worry of “being made redundant” or “hating your job” or “wanting to find a new job” forgetting that your words are being overheard by your children. Our kids then use their creative little minds and begin to share in your worry. This unknown worry can create stress, sleepless nights, and lack of concentration on schoolwork, low self-confidence and mild depression. They see you upset and the common response is to share that feeling. They don't have to see something, to still fear it.

So what can you do?

•  Talk to them directly and reassure them that all is fine.

•  Let them know the positive side the change could bring.

•  Reassure them that you are o-kay and they don't have to worry about you.

•  Ask them if there is anything you can do to help them if they are not sleeping, feeling stressed, or feeling less confident.

•  Get a friend, or person at school, to talk to your child. Sometimes it is easier to tell things to another adult they feel comfortable talking to , when they don't want to share will mom or dad.

The points are for adults as much as kids. If you are going through a hard time or might be facing a change of circumstances, embrace it and find the positive side. Life is too short to spend it in constant stress or fear of the unknown. Take action and you will feel more in control.

Whatever is your situation, Marygrace Anderson , can help you constructively and positively manage it and change it from a negative back to a positive! There is no magic “right time to make a change”. The important thing is to know what you want to do and how to take steps to get there. Right now, think back to all the “hard times” you have had in your life and how funny it is, looking back, you don't think it was that bad now. Letting fear or other people's negative beliefs stop you is what is what I would consider truly scary. We truly can do whatever we want, make any change, or make a new start, just by taking one step in that direction! Do it now! If you would like help, contact Marygrace Anderson on 07931 547414 or

Marygrace works in Putney from The Putney Clinic & Drakefield Homeopathy.

September 25, 2009