Magnificent Mocha, Luscious Latte or an Amazing Americana?

Coffee lovers reveal who makes the best cup in Putney and one member is a winner!

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After a summer to consider and send in your suggestions, recommendations and some rather obscure coffee orders I have been left in no doubt of the extent of Putney ’s passion for coffee. However, the results of the poll are somewhat surprising.

Bearing in mind the eagerness that many residents profess to have in supporting independent traders coupled with the fact that there are so many places on or around the High Street where a cup of coffee can be consumed; the most popular three cafes were all chains.

Costa Coffee on the High Street came out the winner - ".Staff retention is high, they have fun whilst they work (and they work hard) and this shows, it is  happy place to be ..." and "Good coffee, good service, free papers, friendly and clean.." were a couple of the compliments they recieved.

Second came Carluccio's "..for the combined coffee and view..", third came the chain Cafe Nero - " Definitely Caffe Nero for number one. Strong tasting coffee but not bitter..".

Recommendations came in based on the coffeee, the staff and the location. The independants recieveing votes were Sally's " ..she is colourful and delightful. A joy to be around with her wicked dress sense and sense of humour..", Smith's on Putney Bridge Road "delicious latte and great breakfasts too.." and Cafe Crimson, Safron Cafe on the Upper Richmond Road & La Pasta on Putney Bridge Road.

The winner of the Emmis Cafe Cool Bag is Hayley Argles-Grant. Emmi Caffè Latte is a premium iced coffee drink which is made from hand-roasted coffee beans which are specially selected from premium coffee plantations across the globe. The fresh espresso from these beans is then blended with Swiss alpine milk to create the delicious taste that is recognisable Emmi Caffè Latte - the company is based in Putney.

Below is a table of the top choices (runners up in alphabetical order).

1st Place Costa Coffee Putney High Street
2nd Place Carluccio's Putney Wharf
3rd Place Cafe Nero Putney High Street
Runners Up Cafe Crimson Upper Richmond Road
  Cafe Moomba Lacy Road
  Cafe Nero Upper Richmond Road
  Costa Coffee Waterstone's Putney Exchange
  La Pasta Putney Bridge Road
  Neuhaus Chocolates Putney Exchange
  Pret a Manger Putney High Street

St Mary's Church Putney Bridge

  Smith's Cafe Putney Bridge Road

September 18, 2008