Putney gets UKIP candidate

following the selection of Anthony Gahan


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Commenting on his selection on 22nd February and the forthcoming General Election, Mr Gahan said:

"I am delighted to have been selected to fight the next general election in Putney - which I know well from having lived here for many years.

National disillusionment with Labour, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats will have a big impact on the vote in Putney. The public has completely lost faith in the ability of traditional politicians to have the courage to speak out on what they believe rather than what they think might win votes.

The next election will be vital to ensure that we have a balanced parliament with MPs worthy of their positions - which for the most part is not the case now. Sadly, a lot of MPs just tow the ever-changing party line and are therefore not worthy of their constituents' respect.

The debate on Europe is also vital in the next parliament since it has fundamental implications for the way in which we are governed and also how we use tax revenues. We cannot afford a repeat in the UK of the truly lamentable EU constitution referendum in Spain where the issues were neither properly communicated nor properly debated resulting in approval by default despite only 42% of the electorate casting a vote.

I look forward to sharing with the residents of Putney and with candidates of other parties our policies on local and national issues and am confident that our views will win a lot of support."


January 17, 2005