UberEats Drivers Strike In Putney

Workers want to be paid £5 per delivery and a further £1 per mile for each delivery

Strike Action in Putney image: twitter.com/LondonIWW


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UberEats drivers have been on strike in Putney with a gathering on Felsham Road outside Wagamama. There have been strikes across London and in other UK cities which have followed a series of walkouts by UberEats drivers last month sparked by the company reducing its minimum payment per delivery from £4.26 to £3.50.

UberEats has defended its pay scheme in a statement, arguing that the majority of its couriers used delivery work to supplement existing incomes. They said, "Last week couriers using our app in cities across the UK took home an average of £9-10 per hour during mealtimes, with many also using other delivery apps."

Ms O'Grady of the TUC told the BBC's Today programme that the strike was "small but growing". She said some modern hospitality employers and technology firms were "using a very old form of exploitation": "We need the public and communities to support us. We are seeing growing public concern."

October 5, 2018

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