Want to further your studies abroad?

Rotary can help…

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To apply, please contact Putney Rotary Club via their website ww.putneyrotary.org.uk Local club deadline is 31 March 2008.

Rotary is a worldwide organisation of business and professional leaders that provides humanitarian service, encourages high ethical standards in all vocations, and helps build goodwill and peace in the world. Approximately 1.2 million Rotarians belong to more than 32,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas. Members carry out this work in their community and/or overseas by giving their time and their expertise.


Applications for the 2009-2010 Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships are now available from Rotary in London. The scholarships, which are designed to further international understanding and goodwill, provide for study abroad for one year in one of the 162 countries and 35 geographical regions where Rotary clubs are located. Some 1,200 scholarships will be available from clubs worldwide.

Academic-Year Ambassadorial Scholarships are for one academic year abroad and provide funding for round-trip transportation, tuition and fees, room, board, necessary educational supplies, and language training (if necessary) up to a maximum award of US $26,000 or its equivalent.

During their studies abroad, Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholars act as “ambassadors of goodwill.” Through appearances before Rotary clubs and districts, schools, civic organisations, and other forums, the scholars represent their homelands and work to further international understanding.

The Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships Program is the world’s largest privately sponsored international scholarship program. Some US $320 million has been spent on 30,000 international scholarships since the program began in 1947. For further information and to print an application, go to The Rotary Foundation (Foundation Educational Grants) section at http://www.rotary.org/foundation/programs.html (click on Ambassadorial Scholarships, application in download).

To apply, please contact Putney Rotary Club via their website www.putneyrotary.org.uk. Local club deadline is 31 March 2008.

March 19, 2008