Motorists Caught Out By Putney Embankment Access Restriction

Council say enforcement stepped up after complaints about rat-running

Putney Embankment by Rotherwood Road. Picture: Google Streetview


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A number of motorists have received £135 fixed penalty notices for driving along a section of Putney Embankment that they had been habitually using for years.

A mobile CCTV enforcement unit has been placed by the Council to enforce access restrictions between Rotherwood Road and Glendarvon Street. These restrictions have been in place for over a decade but there is no fixed camera at the site so they have generally not been enforced.

A Council spokesperson said, “Following a series of complaints from local residents, not just on the embankment but in nearby residential roads too, there has been a stepping up of enforcement activity recently. “

It is believed that the closure of Hammersmith Bridge has led to an increase in rat running in the area.

Vehicles are only supposed to use the section of Putney Embankment between the Thames Rowing Club and Vesta Rowing Club boathouses if they stopping or parking outside one of the homes or at one of the boathouses.

Signage on Putney Embankment

Some local residents say they had been driving along this road for years and had never noticed the restricted access signs until they were issued with a fine.

November 22, 2019

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