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I have lived in Putney for four years, and I am not sure if I am suddenly being more observant or whether we are currently experiencing a lot more petty crime. I live in one of the River Roads and in the last few weeks several cars have been broken into, and minor acts of vandalism taken place, we often hear groups of young people shouting at the top of the road in the early hours of the morning. Have we suddenly had an influx of hooligans into the area, or are we, in our road, noticing stuff that has actually always been going on? Would be grateful to know before I think I am getting paranoid!!

JR: Police have been made aware of the disturbances caused by youths in the Putney area. Many of the complaints have coincided with the school holidays; when kids tend to stay out late and become more susceptible to the effects of alcohol.

The Putney Safer Neighbourhood Team have been active in East Hill Estate, St John’s Hill Estate and Thamesfield Ward, dispersing gangs from residential areas and reporting their activities to their parents. We know who the troublesome youths are and follow their movements closely. The Council Youth Service work hard with the local youths and we have appealed to residents to form a Neighbourhood Watch and report to the police what they see.

In the previous financial year (fy 04- 05) the ward saw a drop in overall crime by nearly 15% which equates to 280 fewer crimes in 04/05 than 03/04 statistics. (03 /04 2180 crimes compared to 04/05 1900 crimes.)

03/04 vs 04-05 criminal damage overall fell by 23.7% or 32 crimes (03/04=167 compared to 04/05=135.)

03/04 vs 04/05 common assault and actual bodily harm fell by 3.4% or 5 crimes (03/04=152 compared to 04/05=147.)

03/ 04 vs 04/05 theft of motor vehicle rose by 20 crimes to 30.3% (from 46 to 66) but theft from motor vehicle fell by 50 crimes to 31.45%.

Putney is open to other areas of London and intelligence shows that youths from other areas intersperse in your vicinity before moving off again.

Police are working closely with local councilors to improve living conditions and your concerns will be noted by the Putney Sector Inspector and addressed.

What action do you propose to take to clamp down on off-licence premises in Putney which continue to sell alcohol to under-age drinkers despite reports (supported by evidence) to police of illegal sales? (The problem is giving rise to anti-social behaviour and criminal damage by gangs frequenting Putney Wharf and Deodar Road).

JR: Alcohol often fuels the anti-social behaviour carried out by under-age drinkers. Any information on off licence premises selling alcohol to under-18s should be reported to the Putney Sector Inspector and the issue will be taken up with the aid of Trading Standards and if intelligence permits, an investigation will be carried out on the business in question.

Can the police get more active on Putney Common - the frequenting of the graveyard has appeared to have increased - leaving behind soiled tissues condoms etc. Not only is it very unattractive the sudden appearance of men from bushes somewhat unsettling it also means a great natural resource becomes out - of bounds to our children etc. If hetro-sexual couples were as blatant as these men on the common I am sure they would be arrested for indecent behaviour or some such crime. What action can be taken?

JR: We are committed to making public places safe and hospitable for our communities. I understand your viewpoint that men coming out of the bushes can be startling, and any paraphernalia left, an unpleasant litter situation that could bring down the area’s reputation. It’s a situation that needs addressing and will be discussed at the launch of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Network for Wandsworth in October.

PC Odelusi and PC SULLIVAN are responsible for the Putney common and would welcome any information about any activities in the area that cause concern to the local residents they can be contacted on 0208 785 8874.

September 19, 2005