Putney Parents Petition For Safer Pavement

Say stretch between Putney Common and Rocks Lane is too dangerous

Poor parking means both pedestrians are forced on to the road - image: Alex Turner


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Two Putney residents have started a petition to have the parking and paving area outside Putney Common Cemetery on the Lower Richmond Road improved.

Sophie told this website, "Alex and I started this petition because we are extremely concerned about the very unsafe section of road/pavement between Putney and Rocks Lane/Barnes. We take our young sons to Rocks Lane every Friday night and almost every week witness a child coming close to being injured or worse. We believe it is only a matter of time before something serious happens on this section of pavement/road. Ultimately we decided to do something about it".

The area is the responsibility of Wandsworth Council who have told us that it is aware of the issue and plans are underway. A major contribution to this issue is poor parking resulting in cars being in the pavement area.

image: Alex Turner

The area available for passing cars is made worse when large vehicles such as coaches pass and traffic is backing up to the traffic lights at Rocks Lane:

image: Alex Turner

However if cars park correctly there is plenty of pavement available although due to the existing surfaces it may not appear as pavement to the vehicle drivers:

Image:Google Streetview

A spokesperson for Wandsworth Council told this website: “We haven’t received a petition yet but we are aware that conditions for pedestrians could be improved at this location which is why we are about to implement a range of measures to achieve this. These include changes to the parking regulations to stop vehicles blocking or encroaching on to the footpath as well as a reduction in the overall number of parking spaces which will remove pinch points and widen the space available for people on foot, especially parents with buggies and people who use wheelchairs.”

January 31, 2019

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