Labour talk to Putney & Roehampton

Councillor Stuart King, Leader if the Labour Group on Wandsworth Council writes on Roehampton Lane, Putney and Christmas in Roehampton


Councillor Stuart King, is Leader of the Labour Group on Wandsworth Council.

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Adam Gray speaks out on Putney High Street

Roehampton Lane

There has been an extremely interesting and lively debate on the discussion forum about traffic problems on Roehampton Lane. Labour doesn’t support the reopening of Richmond Park gate; the park is not a rat run for commuter traffic from Surrey. However, we recognise there is a need to address the traffic problems that exist on Roehampton Lane. I have raised this matter with Transport for London and am pleased that we have persuaded them that there is a problem that needs solving. Their consultants are looking closely at the operation of the junction of Roehampton Lane with Upper Richmond Road, and I will soon have details of their conclusions, and any possible actions and their implications.

I have also asked the council and TFL to look at the real difficulties parents and children have trying to cross Roehampton Lane at that junction as they head to nearby East Sheen primary school. Parents are being expected to cross in two attempts, taking refuge at a pedestrian island with children, buggies and bags in tow. It is a safety concern and I hope that this too will receive urgent attention. I am grateful to the parents from Dover House Road who brought this problem to my attention.

Putney Town Centre
Labour’s local campaign to improve Putney town centre has won more support from local shoppers and residents. Our online survey has attracted over 100 replies, a large number of whom have made some really positive and imaginative suggestions as to how the town centre can be improved. As replies continue to come in we are keeping the campaign running until after Christmas. In the New Year we will collate the findings and present them to the Council and the Putney Town Centre Partnership Board, along with a proposed Action Plan for Renewal. I am meeting with Stephen Wallace, Putney town centre manager this week to discuss the issues Putney town centre faces.

The Council cannot solve all the issues that need to be tackled in order to address the challenges Putney faces. The answer lies in a partnership with local businesses, transport officials, council planners, and of course, shoppers and local residents. Between us we can win back those shoppers who have drifted away to Fulham, Kingston and elsewhere.

Christmas cheer for Roehampton
I am proposing a motion to next week’s council meeting that Wandsworth Council should provide Christmas lights for Roehampton High Street and Danebury Avenue. The idea was the brainchild of the Labour council candidates in Roehampton, who picked the idea up from local residents during their recent canvasses. Its too late for this year, but hopefully we can bring Christmas cheer to Roehampton next December! I hope this motion can win all party support – it certainly doesn’t need to become a political issue. I’ve contacted Justine Greening asking for her support, and I hope the current Roehampton councillors will support this campaign, too.

December 8, 2005