Package of Improvements for High Street

Putney town centre to be 'smartened up' by new measures

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The council has unveiled plans to upgrade road and pedestrian safety in Putney High Street alongside a series of environmental improvements. The package of measures aims to smarten up the high street and also benefit pedestrians, cyclists, bus passengers and motorists.

Almost the entire length of the footpath on the western side of the high street could be replaced with new paving slabs and granite kerbstones. This is the continuation of the pavement replacement on the eastern side of the high street, which was completed in August 2007.

The new pavement slabs would be installed on the western side between the entrance to the Putney Exchange, opposite Montserrat Road, and continue northwards along the entire high street before continuing into the Lower Richmond Road. The new-look paving would end at the western boundary wall of Richmond Mansions.

New paving would be laid along both sides of Lacy Road as far as the junction with Mascotte Road and also along Felsham Road to the junction with Weimar Street. New paving would also be installed on the eastern side of the high street between the entrance to St Mary's Church hall as far as the approaches onto Putney Bridge. Pedestrians would benefit from new raised carriageway entry treatments proposed for Werter Road, Norroy Road, Felsham Road and Weimar Street.

These have the dual purposes of slowing down vehicles turning into these side roads or exiting onto the high street. They also reduce the distance that pedestrians have to walk to safely cross the road and because the carriageway surface is raised to pavement level, are much easier to negotiate for wheelchair users and parents with buggies and prams. Kerbs would be extended at two pedestrian crossings, meaning pedestrians have shorter distances to walk while crossing the high street. Under the plans these new footway buildouts will be installed at the pelican crossings near Chelverton Road and Montserrat Road.

Transport for London is being asked to introduce a new computerised system that will improve the co-ordination of all the traffic lights in the high street, with the aim of improving traffic flows and reducing delays for motorists and bus passengers.

New cycle racks are proposed in Montserrat Road, Norroy Road and Weimar Street to encourage more people to use two wheels when travelling to Putney town centre. And for bus passengers a series of access improvements to make it easier for passengers to get on and off buses is planned for the existing bus stops outside the cinema, Boots the Chemist and Superdrug.

A study will also be carried out with the aim of identifying street signs and guardrails that can be safely removed. Some traffic signals may be combined with lamp columns in order to further reduce unnecessary street furniture.

The council's cabinet member for planning and transportation Cllr Guy Senior said: "This is a carefully thought out package of improvements to make Putney High Street a safer and more attractive town centre. There could be significant improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and bus passengers, while better linking and co-ordination of the traffic lights would do a great deal to reduce traffic hold-ups. And we are also keen to remove all the street clutter that is no longer needed or can be effectively rationalised.

For further information and to register a view on the scheme call Martin Hoare on (020) 8871 8403 or email

31st March 2006