United Nations explains why Guernica tapestry was obscured.


  Some Putney constituents raised concerns about the Guernica Tapestry being obscured during press conferences. Tony Colman, the MP for Putney and Chair of the United Nations All Party Group at the House of Commons, contacted Sir Jeremy Greenstock about the painting in early April.

Sir Jeremy spoke with the UN Secretary General's Office on the issue. It was explained that because of the large number of press attending briefings they had to be held in a larger area, in front of the Guernica. TV station complained that the backdrop did not come over well on TV screens, so the tapestry was covered at the request of TV stations.

Guernica is now uncovered and fully visible. Press conferences are held a little to the right of it so that those TV stations who wish to include it in a pan shot can do so, those who do not can focus on the speaker only.

Tony Colman explained:

"I think most people are aware of the very real pain of modern warfare portrayed in Picasso's Guernica. I was very concerned that covering the painting in current circumstances would be inappropriate. I have now been assured that it will not be covered again."

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