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Hello everyone,

There've really been quite a lot of things happening locally over the last couple of weeks and especially in relation to Richmond Park.  I have also been talking with our local Primary Care Trust about what's happening with the Putney Hospital site – now derelict for a decade.  Read on for more news!

Richmond Park – Ministers give go-ahead for car park charges As many PutneySW15.com readers will have seen, last week we saw confirmation that the Parks Ministers, Margaret Hodge MP has gone against the 86% of people who said “no” to the idea, and nevertheless agreed to the introduction of car park charges in Richmond Park. 

I think these charges will really price lots of local people out of the park and I am very worried about the disruption to Roehampton residents from visitors parking around the perimeter of the park to avoid the charges.  Lots of other residents have complained to me and I will continue to make our concerns known to Ministers. 

If you feel strongly about this too and you want to show support for ditching the charges, then come to a public rally that I've been involved in organising.  We are meeting at Pembroke Lodge at 10.30am next Saturday morning, 30 th January.

Meeting with Wandsworth Primary Care Trust

Earlier this week I met with Ann Radmore the Chief Executive of Wandsworth Primary Care Trust to discuss the concerns many residents have about what is happening with the Putney Hospital site and also the alternative sites for the GP practices that were supposed to be moving into the Putney Primary Care Centre, planned for the Putney Hospital site. 

Negotiations for other Putney sites are well underway and there is a lot of vacant office space around Putney but I discussed with the PCT that I am concerned that we are still waiting for things to be sorted out after well over 6 years of discussions.  I want to make sure that the GP practices that may move will be on a site that is easy to get to for people and that we won't seem GP practices needing to move again in a few years time. 

On the Putney Hospital site, it seems very unlikely that it will now be used for a Putney Primary Care Centre, after NHS London turned down the proposal, so the site has been derelict for a decade with millions of money wasted that could have been spent on delivering local healthcare.  I understand that no decisions will be taken about the site's future until agreement has been reached about what is happening with our local GP practices.  I hope we'll have more progress over the next month.

Local traders takeover WineRack shop to save jobs
Last Saturday I went along to the opening of Trina's Wines which is on the corner of Dover House Road and Upper Richmond Road.  It used to be a WineRack shop before the company went into administration.  All the 5 staff were going to lose their jobs just before Christmas, but other traders on the same parade decided to take over the business themselves and keep on the staff. 

I've worked with the Dover House shops on their local business concerns such as business rates, so I thought it was fantastic that they've been able to keep the shop open and save the jobs and I was only too happy to go along and support them.  Trina's Wines was opened by local mega-star resident Simon Le Bon and we had a great turnout.  I really hope that the shop does well.  It's got some deals with restaurants on bringing in great wines, so if you want to support our local traders and maybe want to see some wines different to what you'd find in the national chains then head over, have a browse and a buy.

Out and About

Over the last couple of weeks I've organised tours for students from St Cecilia's and also Southfields Community College to come into Parliament to have a look round and find out more about what my role as our local MP is all about.  It was great to hear what they thought about everything and St Cecilia's have got through to the last 15 schools nationally in the Schools Question Time programme competition.  

Last Friday I went to the Roehampton Forum, whilst on Thursday, I met with parents at the West Hill Childrens' Centre. Don't forget, I have a weekly MP surgery, so if you need my help as MP, you can give me a call on 020 8946 4557 to find out where the next one is.  You can also write to me at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA and email me on greeningj@parliament.uk .  I'll do my best to help.

Best wishes,


Justine Greening MP

January 29, 2010