Putney MP Justine Greening Writes to Putney
Heathrow, Buses, Bad behaviour & more.....

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Hello Everyone!

Largely because of the economic crisis, over the last couple of weeks it has been a very busy time in Parliament, though the House of Commons only started sitting again this week. On Wednesday this week we had a statement about the banking crisis and the Banking Bill is now finally being taken through Parliament. Even so I’m still out and about around Putney, Roehampton and Southfields and working hard on local issues, so read on for a local update.

Heathrow expansion vetoed by Cameron
It is great news for local residents that a future Conservative government would cancel the current government’s plans for a third runway and expansion at Heathrow. I think that it shows that we have been listened to properly and with Chris Smith, head of the Environment Agency, saying that expansion could damage public health, I can only hope the government will finally see sense and drop these proposals.

When I met with Chris Smith recently to discuss our local concerns, worryingly he told me that, other than the public consultation document we all saw, the only additional information he had been able to get for his Agency to review in its effort to understand the environmental impact were in fact the papers I had passed to him that I obtained using Freedom of Information laws. We need to see these proposals dropped now so I am going to keep pressing Ministers to drop the expansion plans.

Roehampton Bus Routes
I’ve been meeting up with lots of different groups to get support for a new bus route for Roehampton that would better connect it with ASDA on Roehampton Vale and also both the Alton and Lennox estates to Barnes Station. I originally met with council officers and TfL to discuss the option that came our of an accessibility study done by the council looking at the Roehampton area. Since then I’ve managed to get support for the new route from our local Primary Care Trust who run Queen Mary’s Hospital, the Roehampton University, and also the Lawn Tennis Association based on Priory Lane. All will have written to TfL to say how important improving bus routes locally. Whilst I was in Birmingham, I saw ASDA representatives to encourage them to also write to TfL to support the new route which they are very happy to do. I have asked ASDA if they can also provide me with some of their customer data so I can help make our case by showing how a better bus route could help get people out of their cars and onto public transport when they do their shopping.

Crime and Anti-social Behaviour on the Ackroydon Estate
Following meeting up with the Tenants Management Organisation, local West Hill SNT Police, and council officers, I put a letter out to Ackroydon estate residents encouraging them to come forward with any information about the anti-social behaviour that is happening on the estate and who is involved. We had a good response and along with Cllrs Cuff and Grimston, we then spoke with residents on the doorstep to get a better idea about what they feel some of the solutions might be (alongside police action). Our local SNT may well now be able to make another successful bid to get more resources to police that area and I will continue to do everything I can to support them as they do their best to tackle crime in West Hill.

Meeting up with local organisations
I’ve had a number of meetings with local organisations – from the Wandsworth Youth Enterprise Centre, and local Ahmadiyya community, to the Wandsworth Women’s Aid and Linden Lodge School. I also recently had children from Albemarle School to visit Parliament and they seemed to really enjoy their trip to Westminster.

If you need my help as MP you can come along to one of my weekly MP surgeries by calling 0208 944 0378, or email me on greeningj@parliament.uk. You can also write to me at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA – I’ll do my best to help.

Best wishes


Justine Greening MP

October 10, 2008