Putney's Hidden Gems

Whilst the bridge is closed take time to discover new or old favourites

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Putney Bridge is currently closed for essential repairs but Putney Town Centre is open for business and would welcome you to come and discover the beauty of Putney, the great range of retail shops, fine restaurants and pubs, relaxing cafes, excellent entertainment and of course the river bank.

Each day during the bridge closure works the Town Centre Manager will identify a gem of Putney which she recommends you visit.

Week 6 - Focus on Putney Bridge Road

Monday 18th -The Putney Debates of 1647 - The Conception of British Democracy
From the 28th October to 9th November 1647, soldiers and officers of Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army, including civilian representation, held discussions on the constitution and future of England.

Should they continue to negotiate a settlement with the defeated King Charles I? Should there even be a King or Lords? Should suffrage (a civil right to vote, known as the franchise) be limited also.

This historic event saw ordinary soldiers take on their generals to argue for greater democracy and provided a platform for 'common people' to make their voices heard. These debates, forced by the Levellers, paved the way for many of the civil liberties we value today.

There is an exhibition inside St Marys Church based on secondary source material from the Wandsworth Archives including: material illustrating the social context of Putney and its riverside position in the Civil War; its fiery local preacher and Cromwell’s chaplain Hugh Peters who was also one of the founders of Harvard University in the United States of America; an introduction to the Debates and copies of the original transcript; and the democratic and religious context by leading historians and human rights specialists. There is a fully accessible audio narrative and video as well as educational material. It is well worth a visit.

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August 18, 2014