Residents In A Stink Over Putney Exchange Flies and Smell

Centre management deny inadequate waste disposal is the cause


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Residents have voiced concerns at what they claim are smells and flies emanating from The Putney Exchange. Those living on the west side of the shopping centre say they are particularly badly affected.

Local resident Alan Carroll was adamant that the centre's waste area was the source of the problem. He said, "At a time like this to have yet another health hazard inflicted on us is CSR [Corporate Social Responsibility) of the lowest grade by the Exchange. Fly infestations of themselves are bad enough and whilst no evidence exists that flies could transmit Covid 19, it would be a bold person to say that could not happen."

Another neighbour, Jenny Traynor told us, "We’ve had a horrible few weeks. Whenever we opened our back doors, the kitchen became full of flies so, despite the hot weather, we had to keep all doors closed and stay out of the garden.

"At first we thought it was just something we were experiencing but a phone call from the Glasshouse next door alerted us to the fact that we were not alone. We heard rumour that the exchange had ceased to have its rubbish removed (apparently as a cost cutting measure) and the bins had been left standing, breeding flies.  

"We did not have access to the bins to inspect but rang the Exchange to get the problem sorted.  They denied any issue with the bins in the morning but by the afternoon had confessed that there was an issue.  Someone had apparently put the wrong rubbish in the wrong bin and it had been left to fester for weeks! Surely all rubbish should be cleared promptly?".

Ms Partridge, the manager of the centre, responded by saying that the waste compactor was not full and didn't require changing. She assured PutneySW15 that the issue was investigated immediately on receiving the complaint, saying, "We investigated and there was absolutely no smell but some flies near our general waste compactor. We have taken the steps to change the compactor anyway and deep clean the area which is clean anyway but just to eliminate us from this issue. I can assure there is not and has not been any build up of rubbish".
She added, "The cleaning team are working really hard to keep the centre clean and safe." Looking ahead to the opening of more shops as lockdown is released."

"We have decided to invest in sanitising stations in the shopping centre as we believe it will provide reassurance to visitors and staff even though not mandatory. We will be re-opening our toilets as soon as partial lockdown lifted in the coming weeks".

We have asked Wandsworth Council Environmental team for comment.

May 29, 2020

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