Vishal Mehrotra: Father Wants Murder Case Reopened

MP's support call to investigate 1981 murder

8 year old Vishal went missing in July 1981
8 year old Vishal went missing in July 1981

Police Look Again at Vishal Mehrotra Murder

Was Putney Boy Killed By Westminster Paedophile Ring?

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Eight year old Vishal Mehrotra lived in Putney when he vanished while out with his sister and nanny on 29th July 1981, (the day of the marriage of Lady Diana and Prince Charles). A few months later his body was found on Sussex marshland. His father says he was contacted by a male prostitute at the time who revealed the boy might have been abducted and murdered at the notorious Elm Guest House in neighbouring Barnes.

In his first television interview since recent revelations, Mr Mehrotra told Channel 4 News on 3rd June:
"For 33 years I was not kept in the loop at all. They did or they did not do whatever they wanted to do. I assumed they did their utmost but in light of the new revelations, in parliament and various other sources, and I know there’s Operation Orchid, Operation Midlands, IPCC are now involved.

Mr Mehrotra continued:"What is apparent to me is that from the document that I have seen now that there are too many questions that they need to answer rather than answers in this document."

Mr Mehrotra says he now wants police to reopen the investigation into his son's death: "I feel that the time for closure is well past, and they [the police] should be doing their job thoroughly and properly and now with forensics and the way it has advanced, I believe that if they reinvestigated Vishal’s murder, maybe something concrete will come about. That is important to me."

MPs including Zac Goldsmith, Tessa Jowell and Sarah Champion have added their support to Mr Mehrotra's calls for the case to be reopened.

Watch the Channel 4 news interview:


June 10, 2015